Translation of rinse in Spanish:


enjuagar, v.

Pronunciation /rɪns//rɪns/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cutlery/hands) enjuagar
    (mushrooms/rice) lavar
    rinse the tealeaves down the sink echa las hojas de té por el desagüe y deja correr el agua
    • She soaked one of the small towels into the hot water and rinsed it dry.
    • Quickly, Darren rinsed out his glass and stood by up the fridge, waiting for his father.
    • She finished pouring the goat's milk into the containers, rinsed out the bucket and stored the milk into the refrigerator.
    • Astor rinsed out the drinking glass on the kitchen window ledge and filled it full.
    • Wash the face piece in detergent and water, rinse it thoroughly, and dry it in a well-ventilated area.
    • I rinsed my hands in the basin of water on a little side table that had been brought in.
    • I started to shampoo my hair then rinsed it after.
    • He rinsed his face with cold water and dried it with a hand towel, stopping to stare at himself in the mirror.
    • After rinsing out her glass with water, she replied.
    • I rub it in vigorously, removing the stains, and then I rinse it under the water and dry it off.
    • As soon as she moved, Mary moved over to the sink and rinsed out the glass before drying it and putting it back in its rightful place.
    • She rinsed the sink, swiped the water stains off the faucet and folded the tea towel.
    • Gerald finished his breakfast and rinsed out his bowl.
    • After it was rinsed clean, she put conditioner in her hair.
    • He rinsed his hands under the water then turned back around to Darren.
    • He rinsed out the last of the shampoo and got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist.
    • Wanting to leave as soon as possible, she emptied her wine into the sink, and rinsed it with the water from the faucet.
    • After the six of them had devoured the pancakes and eggs, they cleaned up the kitchen, rinsing the dishes and loading the dishwasher.
    • Flipping the television off, I went to the kitchen sink where I rinsed out my bowl and spoon and returned to the bathroom.
    • Vivian sighed and rinsed her paintbrush in the cup of water.
    • Once she was done she rinsed her face with cold water and moved in slow motion back toward the living room.
    • She took out the toothbrush and rinsed the cup with hot water before filling it with cold.
    • I rinsed out my glass and sat it in the sink before wiping my mouth then heading back into the lounge room.
    • As she stood beneath the warm, tingling spray, she soaped and rinsed her hair twice, as she had always done.
    • He turned the tap on before rinsing his hands and then splashing warm water onto his face.
    • After a minute, I had calmed down, and I rinsed my hands in the cold water from the tap, splashing water onto my face.
    • She ran the faucet one last time and ran her hands under the stream of water, rinsing them clean of the variety of juices from the messy food.
    • Then I gulped down my lukewarm milk, rinsed out the glass in the sink, drank two cups of cold water, and rinsed the glass a final time before heading out into the living room.
    • Alex walks into the bathroom, and starts to rinse his face with water from the sink.
    • She could hear that Sarah was now completely awake so she got up, rinsed out her glass and bowl and started for the bedroom to see how Sarah was doing.
    • Rinsing with water alone does not produce effective cleaning.
    • I rose quickly from my chair and rinsed out my bowl.
    • She rinses the clothes in hot water.
    • He ran cold water in the sink, rinsed his hands and then splashed it across his face.
    • Bryce rinsed out his bowl in the wash basin he'd set up and glanced at Mac.
    • Once all the remains of the soap and dirt were rinsed down the drain she reached under the cupboard until she drew out a polka dotted towel.
    • She quickly finished her spaghetti and rinsed out her plate in the clean sink.
    • Laughing to myself, I turned on the faucet and began rinsing out the mug.
    • Quietly Lucia rinsed her delicate hands in the rushing water emitting from the faucet, then cupped her hands to catch some of the clear liquid and splashed it on her pretty face.
    • Thoroughly rinse the tank with clean water for a minimum of 5 minutes, flushing water through the boom and hoses.
    • I wolfed down my soggy cereal and rinsed out the bowl before quickly walking out of the white kitchen to hide my tears.
  • 2

    (to remove soap)
    (hair/clothes) enjuagar
    (hair/clothes) aclarar Spain
    (dishes) enjuagar

intransitive verb

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  • 1

    enjuague masculine
    to give sth a rinse enjuagar algo
    • I washed my hair at least three times, feeling at little cleanlier with each rinse.
    • He came up holding something in his hands which he examined for a moment before giving it a good rinse in the pool, then looking closely at it again.
    • A final rinse under the tap should prevent anything still attached to them from getting into your pond.
    • Tommy soaked and scrubbed the cookware and then dropped them into the rinse water, while Will put them through the dishwasher before placing them in manageable stacks.
    • The Blanchards used a barrel washer to remove most of the soil from their carrots, followed by a power washer spray as a final rinse when carrots come out of the barrel and onto the screen.
    • They're easy to freeze, requiring no preparation other than a quick rinse.
    • You know, my hands feel really dirty, why don't we go give them a rinse.
    • A quick rinse under the tap, dry it off and the filter is clean and ready to be used again.
    • After a quick rinse in the sink, he stuck the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
    • The mother moves her hand, placing the bowl under the running faucet for a rinse.
    • I climbed in the shower and took a quick rinse and got out.
    • The briefest rinse under a running tap will be enough.
    • Clothes can be softened by adding baking soda during the rinse cycle.
    • After all was done I took the plates to the sea to give them a rinse.
    • Bags were subjected to 10 cold-water rinse cycles in a washing machine at a low water level.
    • ‘I'm done,’ he said, grabbing his plate and taking it to the sink for a rinse.
  • 2

    (to remove soap)
    (from clothes) enjuague masculine
    (from clothes) aclarado masculine Spain
    (from dishes) enjuague masculine
  • 3

    (no permanente) tintura feminine
    she's had a blue rinse se ha dado reflejos azules
    • Insecticides for treating lice are available in lotions, liquids or cream rinses.
    • Generally, there isn't a difference in the prices charged by salons between men and women for full head colour rinses if they both have roughly the same amount of hair.
    • Instead, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioning rinse.
    • Use a rich conditioning cream rinse to finish off.
    • Don't use a cream rinse or shampoo/conditioner combination before applying lice medication.
    • It was the smell of shampoo and cream rinse, mixed together.
    • Mike, Greg, and Peter all sport groovy perms while Bobby is finally able to give up the rinse and show off his natural hair color.