Translation of rip in Spanish:


rasgar, v.

Pronunciation: /rɪp//rɪp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cloth) rasgar
    (cloth) romper
    I've ripped my skirt me he hecho un roto en la falda
    • he ripped the photograph (in)to pieces rompió la foto en mil pedazos
    • she ripped the letter open abrió la carta de un rasgón
    • the explosion ripped the building apart la explosión destrozó el edificio
    • they ripped the posters down arrancaron los carteles
    • the seats were ripped out by the explosion la explosión arrancó de cuajo los asientos
    • he ripped the newspaper from my hands me arrebató / me arrancó el periódico de las manos
    • I ripped out the page arranqué la página
  • 2

    (track) ripear
  • 3

    (wood) (a)serrar siguiendo la veta

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (paper/cloth) rasgarse
    as I lifted my arm, I heard something rip al levantar el brazo, oí un desgarrón / rasgón
  • 2

    (move fast)
    the incoming tide rips along the narrow channel la marea sube a toda prisa por el estrecho canal
    • to let rip
    • then the group really let rip entonces el grupo se lanzó con todo
    • she let rip with a torrent of abuse soltó una sarta de insultos
    • she really let rip at me me dijo de todo
    • let it rip! ¡métele a fondo / a todo gas!


  • 1

    rasgón masculine
    desgarrón masculine
    • He looked presentable, although he did even when he wore jeans and a ripped t-shirt.
    • After few minutes of careful searching she pulled out black ripped jeans, black shirt, and red hoodie.
    • He was wearing a pair of extremely battered blue jeans that were ripped in a few places.
    • Her dress caught on the door and with a strong pull, Isabella ripped the garment.
    • She couldn't have been any older than Calida, with long, bushy blonde hair and a thick figure, dressed in baggy jeans and a ripped shirt.
    • He caught his shirtsleeve on something, but pulled it free, ripping the cloth.
    • He was wearing ripped jeans and his now-fraying Peter Pan t-shirt.
    • She wore a pair of loose, faded jeans that were ripped all over and a plain black tank-top.
    • He was wearing his favorite jeans that were ripped down the left knee.
    • All of her jeans were torn and ripped at the knees and hem, and were patched in many places as well.
    • He wore dark jeans, ripped near the bottom, a green t-shirt and a black leather jacket.
    • Ari wasn't quick enough to leap out of the way and the man grabbed him by his shirt, ripping it and pulling Ari towards himself.
    • Motioning to Katie for something to eat, a small girl marched up on the stage, her brown hair tangled and her jeans ripped.
    • She was wearing ripped faded jeans and a white hooded sweater with oversized bell sleeves.
    • My dress is ripped, and he pulls it off me so that it decorates the floor.
    • I decided to wear my favorite pair of blue low rider jeans, which were ripped at both knees, along with a normal yellow t-shirt.
    • He wrapped it in the ripped cloth of his jeans and handed it to Ami.
    • The bright bubbly blonde made her way to my car in tight black jeans and a ripped black tank top with some writing on it.
    • She wore an old pair of jeans that were ripped in places and patched in others.
    • Carefully, doing her best not to rip it, Adia pulled the crumpled piece of paper out of the hole and unfolded it.
    • Media encoding for home and professional use is becoming more popular, as more users rip audio to their hard drives, or edit home movies.
    • The current copy control system, in other words, is not intended to block all copying, but simply to stop the average computer user from ripping the Beastie Boys for his friends.
    • These companies just took those tools for ripping DVDs and put a pretty GUI on them.
    • Another option here is to rip your CDs using the fastest machine on your network, then copying the ripped tracks over to the server.
    • There have been hi-fi units equipped with hard drives, but nothing beats a personal computer for ripping and managing an audio collection.
    • What's more, I'd wager that there are even more people who simply rip DVDs they've rented from the local video store - but I see no mention of that form of piracy in the article.
    • I sent him a ripped copy of your CD, and asked him if he was interested.
    • Typically, you'll need separate software to do specific tasks, such as burning DVDs, ripping audio, and of course burning CDs.
  • 2US

    (fraud, swindle)
    estafa feminine informal
    timo masculine informal
    tranza feminine Mexico informal

Translation of RIP in Spanish:


R. I. P., other

Pronunciation: /ˌɑr ˌaɪ ˈpi/

  • 1

    R. I. P.

    rest in peace