Translation of rip-roaring in Spanish:


animadísimo, adj.

Pronunciation ///rɪpˈrɔrɪŋ/



  • 1

    (party) animadísimo
    (party) bullicioso
    (success) apoteósico
    (success) clamoroso
    • The hosts quickly pulled a goal back and the stage seemed set for a rip-roaring finale.
    • We didn't just go through a recession in 2000; it was a recession that followed a rip-roaring expansion, in which ordinary workers made piles of money in the stock market.
    • Their ensuing adventure is a rip-roaring treat capable of appealing to both adults and children alike, featuring a superb script and some terrific visual gags as well as some genuinely moving moments.
    • We've got some rip-roaring combat in the movie I've made.
    • This rip-roaring growth, however, has left other areas of archaeology totally overshadowed.
    • Robbins plays a more geeky character who is shy and meek, but has a rip-roaring streak in him.
    • Berman gives a rip-roaring account of this more popular of Liszt's two piano concertos in 1976; a work which can only be appreciated live as here before a Turin audience.
    • Calamity Jane is an action-packed, rip-roaring roller coaster of a show with one of the most witty and memorable musical scores.
    • The Second Show - with the bigger crowd and less interference from the TV people - is the superior performance; it's far more energetic and rip-roaring.
    • The lyrics are witty, and it's a rip-roaring good story.
    • While the first works better as a serious anti-war film, this one is a rip-roaring action-adventure, which at the very least works as a great example of mindless blockbuster entertainment.
    • And it's rip-roaring fun, particularly in the way it seamlessly blends some weighty issues, such as corporate monopolies and plastic surgery, with plenty for the kids to enjoy as well.
    • Both men agreed that it was a rip-roaring case that would bring them together for an altruistic cause like they had in years past.
    • But before Rex tells any more of his rip-roaring stories over kangaroo steaks and tin mugs of red wine around his island campfire, he wants to get a few things straight.
    • I take the hint: more rip-roaring sing-alongs, more violin.
    • The film opens with a rip-roaring car chase scene, as a car full of thieves is fleeing the cops.
    • Having got off to such a rip-roaring start, however, the album sometimes struggles to maintain such high standards.
    • And it's certainly not interested in making its exports expensive enough to slow down a rip-roaring economy that needs to absorb 10 million new workers a year.
    • Nevertheless, the gig still proved a rip-roaring success and was followed by an after-show party.
    • I, as always, started training early this year with a rip-roaring weekend of illegalities.