Translation of ripe in Spanish:


maduro, adj.

Pronunciation /raɪp//rʌɪp/


  • 1

    (fruit/vegetables) maduro
    (cheese) a punto
    • I looked at the date palm trees that lined the roads, dripping with lush ripe dates.
    • He sat up and plucked a large ripe orange off the weighted tree.
    • This is a gorgeous, perfectly ripe and totally consistent Cabernet Sauvignon.
    • Flying winemakers and a bright, ripe, flashy set of world-conquering wines are now set to grab the world's attention.
    • Quinces grew in the valley, and their fruits were ripe.
    • I ignored him still, knowing I was too high up to be seen, and picked a lovely ripe apple bigger than any he had gotten.
    • With five of us it was only a few hours of work, and I had a great time watching the more athletic ones hang from branches trying to grab that last far-flung, beautifully ripe orange.
    • He poured himself a cup of coffee and picked a ripe, juicy peach for breakfast.
    • There are crops which are ripe now and ready to be harvested!
    • I proceeded to pick the ripe fruits and vegetables.
    • Outside in the back garden, he could see Mrs Galloway, who was their cook, picking ripe fruit from the strawberry patches nearby the greenhouse, collecting them in her apron.
    • Berry bushes may be bare these days, but come next summer, they'll be laden with ripe fruit.
    • Infecting fruits, flowers, and trees, gray mold looks like gray fuzz and is found on aging blossoms and soft ripe fruits.
    • What I craved was local food in season: ripe strawberries, fresh asparagus, traditional apple varieties.
    • Trees bearing big, ripe fruits of all kinds were everywhere.
    • There is no big fruit, just intense, ripe Cabernet Sauvignon and tight old fashioned tannins.
    • The fruit is ripe for the picking so long as you can be bothered to pick the fruit.
    • A ripe Australian Shiraz or Californian Zinfandel might be described as beefy.
    • Her voice was so soft that he nearly missed the question, losing the words in the rustle of ripe wheat that surrounded them.
    • The tree was dripping with ripe, juicy peaches that looked so soft and succulent that they'd burst in your mouth at first bite.
    • The vendors took great pride in displaying and selling their wares; the ripe fruits adding colour and the voices of vendors adding din to the already noisy bazaar.
    • He looked carefully around him as he walked, noting bushes laden with ripe fruit.
    • I give them each some of my real buttermilk, soured just right, or a chunk of my ripe cheese.
    • He can tell by looking if a fruit is ripe or overly grown.
    • A generation of consumers accustomed to ripe, sweeter fleshy wines from the new world will be astonished at the sheer opulence of these wines.
    • About a half mile from the trailer there was a stand of trees filled with ripe cherries.
    • The branches greened, leaves sprouted, and blossoms sprung and turned into ripe apples.
  • 2

    to be ripe for sth
    • the fruit was ripe for picking la fruta estaba lista para ser cosechada
    • the law is ripe for reform es el momento propicio / oportuno para reformar la ley
    • we will act when the time is ripe actuaremos cuando sea el momento / cuando sea oportuno
    • the time is ripe for change están dadas las circunstancias para un cambio
    • By the 1970s, this area had become a neglected eyesore, ripe for development.
    • The time was ripe for change, hence the creation of the Academy in 1980.
    • Shortly after Copland's death in 1990, Pollack decided the time was ripe for a fuller study of his life and work.
    • The time is ripe for a new focus on winning a share of the shopper that will have a shelf life well beyond the cold, hard realities of an economic slowdown.
    • He felt his stomach growling, and decided the time was ripe for some food.
    • The time appeared to be ripe for renewed government spending.
    • As the industries start to mature, many are ripe for restructuring, often via mergers.
    • The time is ripe for a new way to move information through the system quickly.
    • The time is ripe for arguments such as those presented in this book to be taken and discussed seriously.
    • Like a field anthropologist, Smith provides data and case studies ripe for cultural theory.
    • Alcoholic or not, most of us are ripe for a detox.
    • A system with few clear boundaries and no real checks and balances is ripe for chaos.
    • Upon graduation, Goss jotted down three cities on scraps of paper-Los Angeles, New York and Boston-that she considered ripe for a job in advertising and picked one out of a hat.
    • The time was ripe for a show to come along and engage millions of women with nothing to watch.
    • Workplace tensions, whether related to compensation issues, unrealistic profit margins or setting rapid growth goals, can create an environment ripe for fraud.
    • When the work became public in this form, I believe it also became ripe for discussion and criticism.
    • By 1910, then, the time was ripe for abstract art, and it developed more or less simultaneously in various countries.
    • The product family of vending machines is likely to be the area most ripe for radical technological development.
    • ‘Malaysia is ripe right now for venture capital,’ he said, adding it is a missing element in Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor scheme.
    • Although the area is quite rural, local residents feared the township, which grew by 35 percent in the last decade, was ripe for development.
  • 3

    (full, rounded)
    (lips) carnoso
    (breasts) turgente literary
  • 4informal

    (smell) fuerte
    those socks are a bit ripe esos calcetines huelen que apestan informal
    • The two riders hauled their animals to a halt at the very edge of the riverbed, smelling the carnage before they saw it: a ripe stench hanging on the breeze.