Translation of riposte in Spanish:


réplica, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈpoʊst//rɪˈpɒst/


  • 1formal

    réplica feminine formal
    • We bumped into each other at a professional meeting, where he greeted me with a typical smiling riposte: ‘I always thought I was going to hear much more of you!
    • One-liners were bouncing around my head, ripostes to every single barb, especially those from the fat bloke.
    • The riposte to such cultural protectionism is that it is cynical, self-interested and reflects a cultural conservatism and snooty suspicion of popular culture by certain political elites.
    • The sexual chemistry between Wilks and Gray is palpable as they bounce ripostes off each other with wry wit and superb timing.
    • Such a direct riposte is rare and the opportunity to make it courteously and publicly, rarer still.
    • Could the woman who repackaged star quality for the post-Vietnam age do what any successful talk show host has to: pretend to listen to other people while thinking up witty ripostes?
    • I saw him cutting off distinguished authors at the ankles with short, savage ripostes that made one wince.
    • He's once again cooler than cool, coming up with witty ripostes we've heard before and powerful speeches that, once again, prove his coolness.
    • But much of this critical riposte assaults our protagonist's dignity more than is necessary for an appreciation of the film.
    • The attack provoked a riposte, and the quarrel ranged far beyond the domain of rhetorical theory.
    • The dialogue, too, feels like piecework, as if the bons mots and ripostes have been assembled from a library of index cards.
    • Biting back her instinctive urge to make a biting riposte in defence of her twin, Alicia merely shook her head.
  • 2

    (in fencing)
    estocada feminine
    • Lex parried his father's attacks without trying too hard and pressed his own ripostes well.
    • Forcing the blade aside, he delivered a crushing riposte, thrusting with his weapon towards his midriff.
    • His every thrust was blocked or parried, and the riposte that followed each left him with another leaking wound.
    • Grunting, the youth swung wildly in a violent riposte, not caring what he hit.
    • A deflection wide with the right and a riposte with left and she fell.