Translation of risky in Spanish:


arriesgado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɪski//ˈrɪski/

adjectiveriskier, riskiest

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    riesgoso Latin America
    speaking your mind can be a risky business decir lo que piensas puede ser peligroso
    • The margin for failure is high and the whole scheme is very risky.
    • Remaking movies is always a risky endeavor, and remaking a classic can border on the foolhardy.
    • Mercenaries had grown exponentially, and trade routes were risky, the merchant ships pillaged.
    • As such, the potential returns can be enormous, but investing in these stocks can also be risky.
    • Growth and change are naturally risky, but stagnation is a recipe for failure.
    • As such, buying an ongoing venture is usually less risky than starting a brand new business.
    • I knew my parents would be back anytime soon, and inviting James over was risky business.
    • Putting your money in the stock market is a risky business.
    • Though risky, some businesses will decide to take their chances and not fully comply.
    • It was too risky to stay any longer because sooner or later, someone was going to notice him acting strange.
    • It was risky to make the call from an enemy phone - but Natalie was quickly running out of options.
    • Participating artists discuss the concept of risk, and what makes art risky business.
    • Struggling companies, once seen as a challenge, are now often deemed too risky to take a chance on.
    • Setting up a new business is risky and involves a steep learning curve, and can ultimately lead to failure.
    • The amount of debt that existed in this country, on both the business and consumer ends, was risky.
    • At the end of the day, I think what we are about is helping the company run its business in a risky world.
    • Thus, it is risky for a patient with ongoing medical conditions to change doctors or to come to a hospital.
    • It is only a matter of how long the risky lending and losses are allowed to accumulate.
    • Namibian banks generally do not see it as their business to lend to risky long-term investments.
    • The final phase is to analyze the strength of the brand to figure out how risky those future brand earnings are.