Translation of road in Spanish:


calle, n.

Pronunciation /rəʊd//roʊd/


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    (for vehicles)
    (in town) calle feminine
    (out of town) carretera feminine
    (minor) camino masculine
    (accident) (before noun) de tráfico
    (accident) (before noun) de tránsito Latin America
    is this the road to Boston? ¿éste es el camino/la carretera que va a Boston?
    • the Cambridge road la carretera (que va) a Cambridge
    • five miles down the road a cinco millas siguiendo la carretera/el camino
    • a factory just down the road (from here) una fábrica que hay aquí muy cerca
    • there's a baker's over / across the road enfrente / al otro lado de la calle hay una panadería
    • the people from over the road los de enfrente
    • the house is set back a mile or so from the road la casa está como a una milla de la carretera
    • a major/minor road una carretera principal/secundaria
    • a dirt road un camino sin pavimentar
    • it's good road all the way now de aquí en adelante el camino es bueno
    • by road por tierra
    • my car's off the road tengo el coche fuera de circulación / averiado
    • to take to the road empezar a vagar por los caminos
    • road closed carretera cerrada
    • road narrows estrechamiento de calzada / carretera
    • to have one for the road tomarse la del estribo / la penúltima
    • all roads lead to Rome todos los caminos conducen / llevan a Roma
    • road junction cruce de carreteras
    • road mender peón caminero
    • road racing (on foot) carrera a pie por carretera en carretera
    • road repairs obras en la carretera
    • road traffic accident accidente de tráfico
    • road transport transporte por carretera
    • A near-fatal road accident in 1925 dramatically altered the course of her life.
    • Air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, often found in buildings near major roads, restrict the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
    • Make sure fences, walls and gates are in good repair, so children cannot slip through holes onto busy roads.
    • The curving lines of the roads give them the look of village lanes, and the few cars that venture into the cul-de-sacs usually travel slowly.
    • Janet would walk across the road every morning and glean what knowledge she could from the two brothers while they were milking.
    • In the film, Gary and Jack meet more or less by accident when they steal a car and head off on the back roads through outback New South Wales towards Sydney.
    • On Monday, we headed north to Montana along some narrow, winding two-lane mountain roads.
    • Training horses to accept traffic, road works and roadside obstacles is more important than ever in these days of litigation and the increasing number of vehicles on the roads.
    • The next day thousands of workers defied armed police and blockaded a major toll road into the provincial capital.
    • We travelled nine hours from Mexico City, and the bus let us off on the main road in the foothills, eight kilometres from town at midnight.
    • Consequently, in the absence of a good public transport system, the vehicles on Delhi's roads have swollen to around 2.7 million.
    • The prison officers chased him, but he crossed a very busy main road and they lost him.
    • He likes to restage legendary road accidents, such as the ones that killed James Dean, Grace Kelly and Jane Mansfield.
    • If a road accident involves a rider who has dismounted and is leading their horse at the time, the rider would be classified as a pedestrian.
    • Follow this road 1 1/2 miles northwest out of town to the Larson farm on the west side.
    • New roads were constructed as wide boulevards to prevent fires from spreading from one side of the street to the other.
    • These channels sometimes undercut farm roads and fields, causing them to collapse.
    • Watch out for surface drainage when new roads or driveways are constructed in the area.
    • His crisp white Greek Revival house still stands at a curve in the main road, momentarily blocking the bay view as you drive past.
    • For example a neutrally grey road surface illuminated by sunlight falling through green foliage may be violet; but its local colour remains grey.
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    (route, way)
    camino masculine
    the road to peace el sendero hacia la paz literary
    • we're on the right road vamos por buen camino / bien encaminados
    • this could mean the end of the road for the company esto podría acabar con la compañía / causar la quiebra de la compañía
    • he is taking the country down the road to bankruptcy está llevando el país camino a la bancarrota
    • the economy is on the road to recovery la economía está en vías de recuperación
    • his agent put / set / started him on the road to stardom su agente lo encaminó hacia el estrellato / lo puso en camino al estrellato
    • Doubling their latest annual dividend suggests they're well on the road to recovery.
    • A gang of petty thieves make a big score on an armored van, but instead of landing on easy street, they find themselves on the road to frustration.
    • He has created a lavishly stunning, sweeping story of the little wooden doll's many adventures on the road to boyhood.
    • Our story concerns the continuing growth and development of Anakin Skywalker on the road to becoming the greatest screen villain of all time.
    • Even though her storyline - which follows João on the road to stardom, with several stopovers in prison - can seem underdeveloped, Ramos is always charismatic.
    • The project has provided new knowledge and skills for many producers, setting them on the road to achieving this.
    • Clearly, fascism could serve as a way station on the road to other forms of anticapitalism.
    • He said figuring out what caused the Columbia to break up could help pave the road to recovery.
    • Eiriz's works resist the world and maintain a critical space apart from the propaganda of the world in a way profoundly akin to Adorno's formulation; they stand as powerful and moving signposts on the road to Dystopia.
    • In many ways, we were on the road to perdition with agencies and advertisers.
    • It's about how these children, many of whom lack self-confidence and are on the road toward delinquency, overcome challenges through this class.
    • Anointing the house cricket Timothy as Pinocchio's conscience guide, the two set off on a series of wild and wacky adventures, each providing a valuable lesson on the road to becoming a real boy.
    • Understanding this can aid teachers and learners as they make sense of interpersonal conflict on the road to forming successful groups.
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    on the road
    • the car's been on the road for ten years el coche tiene diez años de uso
    • a rattletrap like that shouldn't be on the road un cacharro como ese no debería estar en circulación
    • he shouldn't be on the road no debería conducir
    • we've been on the road for four days llevamos cuatro días viajando
    • they were on the road before six antes de las seis ya estaban en camino
    • the exhibition will go on the road in March la exposición iniciará una gira en marzo
    • to take a circus/band on the road llevar un circo/un grupo de gira
    • let's get this show on the road pongámonos en movimiento
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