Translation of road noise in Spanish:

road noise

ruido del tráfico, n.


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    ruido del tráfico masculine
    • This feeling is enhanced by the well planned use of insulation to keep road noise at bay.
    • This was particularly true of road noise, where certain surface types produced noticeable noise and passing traffic could be heard.
    • Its double-joint spring strut front axle is made completely of aluminium, minimising the unsprung mass of the car and reducing road noise.
    • Under normal driving conditions, when you are dealing with typical road noise, you won't even notice them.
    • Its roof is a new precast concrete shell, giving mass to counteract airborne road noise.
    • This makes the road dangerous for road users, pedestrians and schoolchildren and also creates high levels of road noise.
    • On the road, this car was comfortable and quiet with little road noise coming through.
    • Wind and road noise are well suppressed in general, but on certain surfaces tyre noise can become quite loud.
    • Apart from the exhaust testing, the Eurotype facility has a test track which will be used to test the road noise of vehicles for export.
    • Luxury-car buyers are accustomed to the supreme quiet of a cabin that's well insulated from wind and road noise.
    • The resurfacing will improve the safety of the road with a new skid resistant surface and reduced road noise.
    • It is a hot sunny Saturday, drowsy and quiet, with many of those typically muffled summer sounds, of distant road noise, children playing somewhere, birds singing etc.
    • He had the radio set on a classic rock station, with the volume raised just enough to filter out the road noise.
    • In this case, tyre and road noise are the culprits, with particularly noticeable road noise coming from the back of the car.
    • The ash is part of a group of trees between the road and the gardens, which provides a very effective barrier to road noise.
    • Both wind and road noise are effectively suppressed.
    • There's no hint of trembling or vibration and the road noise is minimal.
    • In second gear, engine and road noise drowned out the stereo.
    • This refinement was spoiled in the case of the test car by road noise coming from the rear of the vehicle and some wind noise from the driver's door.
    • While there is a mite more road noise than usual the ride is commendably comfortable.