Translation of roadblock in Spanish:


control (de carretera), n.

Pronunciation /ˈrəʊdblɒk//ˈroʊdˌblɑk/


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    control (de carretera) masculine
    • Our car slows down for traffic, and Daddy says, ‘It's a roadblock, see the cops way up there?’
    • The mixture of fear and exhilaration he feels when passing through a police roadblock isn't logical, but it is completely understandable.
    • The traditional teachers in the school lash out at her modern ways, gangs roam the streets, and roadblocks prevent travel outside of the area.
    • There is a roadblock somewhere further ahead and the convoy stalls for the night.
    • Attempts to depart are met with roadblocks and gangs of confrontational junk cars.
    • Setting himself up as a roadblock, Don Quijote demands that they identify and explain themselves.
    • The next day they called a general strike, and roadblocks appeared everywhere.
    • Later, after Hass exposed the situation in an article for the paper, the army returns the roadblock to its original location.
    • That meant having to hide the cameras to capture footage of the police and military roadblocks that are a common sight across Mexico.
    • They explained to the cabbie, who at one point talked us through a roadblock, that I was looking for an American and the American wasn't at home.
    • From a hilltop in a silent residential quarter, the vigil filed down to the junction where the main road reopens - but only as far as the roadblock five hundred yards away.
    • Policeman can lose sight of you as you drive through their roadblock, and criminals on foot don't actually come looking for you as a rule.
    • Mining villages are ringed with officers, police roadblocks established, non-police movements restricted.