Translation of roar in Spanish:


rugir, v.

Pronunciation: /rɔː//rɔr/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make sound)
    (lion/engine/tiger) rugir
    (sea/wind/fire) bramar
    (sea/wind/fire) rugir
    (cannon) tronar
    to roar with laughter reírse a carcajadas
  • 2

    the planes roar overhead every two minutes cada dos minutos se oye el estruendo de los aviones que pasan
    • the trucks roared past los camiones pasaron con un estruendo
    • he roared away / off on his motorbike se alejó en la moto haciendo un ruido infernal

transitive verb

  • 1

    the sergeant roared the order el sargento dio la orden a gritos
    • how dare you! he roared —¡cómo se atreve! —rugió / bramó
    • the fans roared their appreciation los hinchas manifestaron su aprobación a voz en cuello
    • As the regiment slowed to a stop, the fire of the enemy roared louder.
    • The lion roared in anger, but the sound trap held him well.
    • It's pretty hard to hear where a cue is going when you have Brontosaurs roaring left right and centre.
    • The beast roars up at you and grabs your neck, dragging you into the swamp with it.
    • The group of creatures all roared loudly, baring their sharp teeth.
    • Back in my quarters there was a fire roaring away in the grate.
    • It was on that night that tornadoes roared through many communities in Nebraska.
    • The gravelly whir of wheels on pavement is subtle, while motorcycle engines throb and roar.
    • The sound of the fire roared in my ears.
    • Coastline defences include a nearby air base and military jets still roar overhead.
    • Thunder roared in the distance, and reality slapped me straight in the face.
    • The lion roared again, but it was no use now.
    • Both dragons roared in mortal pain and shot away from each other in opposite directions despite their injuries.
    • It was always a sure-fire shocker for a monster to wade out of the reeds, roaring, and grab somebody off the raft.
    • A cheetah bounds into a picture, large as life, head thrown back and maw wide, roaring over a rib cage.
    • I could not get near to it for the water which seemed deep and roaring but my desire was always intense to come nearer.
    • The scientist says that when the 2000 fire roared through, the ungrazed pastures fared the worst.
    • Instantly I felt the plugs on my head warm up and the ship's engines suddenly roar to life.
    • He touched the console again, and the engines suddenly roared to life.
    • The format quickly posed an annoyance - did I really need to endure the MGM lion roaring at the start of every single featurette?
    • He plays the part of the lion that roars onstage in Act 5.
    • The flames roared overhead, and we ran.
    • The dragon roared in pain as her vision blurred permanently in her right eye.
    • The fire that had roared in the hearth was just glowing embers now.
    • The car took off like a runaway rocket, the engine roaring, smoke billowing and lights glaring.
    • As you feel the plane angle back as it approaches the deck you hear the engine roar while the pilot basically floors it.
    • The bike's engine sputtered and then roared back to life as the two of them hopped on.
    • To the right was the interior to the library where a fire was roaring in the fireplace and a bunch of actors were hanging around preparing for their next shoot.
    • There is gunfire not far away, and fighter planes sometimes roar overhead.
    • On Aug.13, Hurricane Charley roared in from the Gulf of Mexico, bringing winds of 140 miles per hour and spawning tornadoes.
    • The wind roared in his ears as the trees whipped by on either side of him.


  • 1

    (of lion, tiger) rugido masculine
    (of person) rugido masculine
    (of person) bramido masculine
    (of thunder) fragor masculine
    (of thunder) estruendo masculine
    (of traffic, engine, guns) estruendo masculine
    the roar of the crowd el clamor de la multitud
    • a roar of laughter una sonora carcajada
    • a roar of pain un rugido / bramido de dolor