Translation of robot in Spanish:


robot, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrəʊbɒt//ˈroʊˌbɑt//ˈroʊbət/


  • 1

    robot masculine
    he acts like a robot se comporta como un autómata
    • Another robot grabs and places a wooden pallet, then lays down a cardboard slip sheet before stacking cases two at a time for a total of 40 on each pallet, which are then stretchwrapped.
    • On her first flight Chawla was responsible for operating the shuttle's robot arm.
    • The body shop uses programmable robots with fixed tooling.
    • In constructing the mobile robots to explore Mars' surface, the program involves a curriculum unit and a contest.
    • This robot should be able to go 40 or 50 kilometers, and really determine if there's life on Mars and what kind of life there really is.
    • Now that robots and computer simulations are replacing bench science, architects are giving researchers new laboratory environments that facilitate the exchange of ideas and bring together experts of many disciplines.
    • However I called Julie the AMTRAK Robot and learned that Train 97 was running about 47 minutes late.
    • For adults, it seems like robot vacuums and iPods are getting a lot of play.
    • They are using a robot named SAM in some cities in the States to lay fiber-optic cables underground.
    • Science and design also are brought together with interactive robots and large-scale computer graphics.
    • He quickly loaded it, associating the robot arm controller object with the program.
  • 2South African

    (traffic lights)
    semáforo masculine