Translation of robotics in Spanish:


robótica, n.

Pronunciation /rəʊˈbɒtɪks//roʊˈbɑdɪks/


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    robótica feminine
    • I've been hanging around at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, the largest center for robotics in the world, watching these guys build and test robots.
    • No doubt it benefits by twelve years of advancement, not only in computer graphics, but also in robotics technology.
    • They have devised a system of robotics in which welding, riveting and beam placement are carried out by a few computer operators rather than by gangs of construction workers.
    • They found cheap labor abroad, and by the use of robotics and digital technology blocked the labor movements as well as lowered wages.
    • In addition to an efficient drying system that produces instantized whey proteins, the plant uses robotics extensively in its cheese and whey packaging systems.