Translation of rock-bottom in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌrɑk ˈbɑdəm//rɒkˈbɒtəm/


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    rock-bottom prices precios bajísimos / de saldo masculine
    • Book value represents a rock-bottom price for the concrete things a company owns, and Eley sees that as a good value gauge.
    • But a small firm should not offer a rock bottom price to get the job unless it leads to more profitable business with that customer in the future.
    • Considering the HD192's rock-bottom price, any sins of omission are easily forgiven.
    • The rock-bottom price to make a video with high-level production values is around $100,000, and the artist pays at least half of it back to the record company.
    • That may seem low to a conventional milk producer, but with his rock-bottom input costs, he is ‘real happy with my profit margin.’
    • One of the few opportunities provided by the current down economy has been rock-bottom interest rates, a factor that influenced Loomis' console investment.
    • He has seen the future - and it's not about selling paper, pens and waste baskets at rock-bottom prices.
    • Everyone gets rock-bottom fees and then, if it's hugely successful, you get a payday.
    • Their game console may well be selling at rock-bottom prices at this point in time, but it's only a desperate gamble to stimulate sales before it completely dies.
    • Rumor has it that you can find the disc at a rock-bottom price in your local bargain bin, or you can easily find it in the used market as well.
    • The supermarket's rotating list of sale items like orange juice, used to draw traffic to the store, are usually offered rock-bottom sale prices.
    • Despite stock market woes, people are still buying housing lickety-split, fueled by piles of equity in their current properties and rock-bottom mortgage interest rates.
    • But best of all, the CR - 1604 did the impossible: It sounded great and carried a rock-bottom price that anyone could afford.
    • But it's a misconception that most designers are only interested getting rock-bottom prices.
    • However, some SE mics were quite good, especially in light of their rock-bottom pricing.
    • Profits might also be improved if a new owner invested in a ‘tank wagon’ that would permit the company to pick up its own fuel and allow it to shop even more aggressively for rock-bottom prices.
    • He had already been thinking of striking out on his own and had bought a broken-down spray rig for the rock-bottom price of $400 and fixed it himself.
    • Integrated livestock producers, millers and other processors, and importers have benefited from rock-bottom prices and agribusiness has thrived on supplying the massive inputs required to fuel this overproduction.
    • It usually means people come for quality, not for rock-bottom prices.
    • In the United States, airlines are responsible for paying for airport security - and they have been hiring security companies that offer the service at rock-bottom prices.


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    to hit/reach rock bottom tocar fondo
    • our morale has reached rock bottom tenemos la moral por los suelos
    • The reputation of LA cops hit rock bottom during the Rodney King affair, but what happens here is beyond belief.
    • This being early in a Hollywood film, when things seem as though they've hit rock bottom, the tragedy has merely begun.
    • For two years, world prices have been at rock bottom, as production has outstripped demand.
    • Here's a kid with untapped talent who has hit rock bottom as the movie starts.
    • When the boomers are gone, the Academy Awards will hit a much-needed rock bottom.
    • As the film opens, Bob is dragging his sorry carcass through Nice, just a few inches away from rock bottom.
    • I thought we'd seen rock bottom with this film and its paltry sequel.
    • When he reaches rock bottom, Jim faces the possibility of having to send his children to stay with relatives.
    • By 1992, the Nunez family had hit rock bottom, in debt and living off of their credit cards.
    • When my personal life hit rock bottom in New Orleans, where I was a newspaper reporter, I decided to move to San Francisco.
    • There are the big explosions, gun battles and ridiculous human drama: Gary walking out on the team, hitting rock bottom, having a crisis of conscience and returning to save the day.
    • This film seems to suggest that, until you reach rock bottom, you'll never fully regain your integrity.
    • Realizing he's hit rock bottom, Randy is determined to pay his own way back to school and regain Jenny's love.
    • Like the best Shakespearean tragedies, each player is set up carefully, so that each one causes as much damage as possible on the way down to rock bottom.
    • Another problem with the movie is that the effects budget seems to have been at rock bottom during the sequence where the main character is in critical condition.
    • I think it may have been the director's career hitting rock bottom with his latest horror effort.
    • Simply put, Lyne, who's had success with similarly titillating marital crisis efforts hits rock bottom here.
    • It's bad enough to have hundreds of sport movies with little kids or animals as the stars, but to now toss in this variation, we've reached rock bottom.
    • For me, the '80s were rock bottom in American cinema.
    • When her plans to go straight reach rock bottom, a desperate soul hits the road again.