Translation of rock in Spanish:


roca, n.

Pronunciation /rɒk//rɑk/


  • 1

    roca feminine
    igneous/volcanic rock roca ígnea/volcánica
    • a great lump of rock una roca enorme
    • hewn from the rock tallado en la roca viva
    • as hard as rock duro como una piedra
    • A main types of mineral phosphate, soft rock phosphate comes mostly from ancient sea deposits.
    • The granite fines were a by-product of crushing syenite granite rock.
    • Karst landscapes are developed wherever soluble carbonate rocks outcrop and where surplus rainfall is available to dissolve the limestone.
    • The cave offers an in-depth view of the immense layers of limestone rock formed by the sedimented shells.
    • Dolomite, a calcium magnesium carbonate rock, can be found beneath the soil surface.
  • 2

    • 2.1(crag, cliff)

      peñasco masculine
      peñón masculine
      my wife was like a rock throughout that time mi esposa fue mi puntal durante toda esa época
      • the Rock (of Gibraltar) el Peñón (de Gibraltar)
      • as solid as a rock firme / sólido como una roca
      • Helen makes her way to Skerray, a tiny crofting community whose name translates as ‘between the rocks and the sea’.
      • Uppermost Permian and Triassic terrestrial sediments conformably overlie the terminal volcanic rocks.
      • Huge rocks jutted out of the ground, with no clear trail across it.
      • Stone was sourced from a local quarry where it is still possible to scramble around and observe a handful of small stelae, partially carved, but not quite freed from the mass of the rock.
      • The rocky coastline is a near monochrome of pale blues that darken in the rocks and billowing clouds as though illuminated by moonlight.
      • Jagged rocks jutted out from both sides of the canyon.
      • He turned the movie's sets into an illustration of Inuit thrift and ingenuity, played against ice massifs, snowy rivers, a wide ocean, and lowland rocks covered in moss.
      • On the highest part of the rock on which the old city of Toledo is founded is the conventual church of San Marcos.
      • Effectively, the rock is left exposed in its geological location, but cut free from its surround.
      • The inn is actually a front for illegal operations involving the luring of ships onto the coastal rocks where the crews are murdered and the ships' cargoes can be plundered.
      • He decides on Fiona, who is prisoner in a castle on a rock, surrounded by molten lava and guarded by a fierce dragon.
      • Swimming was difficult and dangerous due to the heavy waves and jagged rocks, so Pinos adapted existing breakwater structures to enclose two new bays for protected bathing.
      • At the centre of the building is a courtyard; in fact, the original patch of trees, rocks and earth that was here from the very start.
      • ‘The boat can crash into the rocks and still float, because of the plasticity of the skin,’ he says.
      • Those who were not sold quickly were carried down to the rocks where the sea breaks, forced into dinghies, and rowed out to waiting ships.
      • I went out into this absolutely beautiful country, the beautiful red soil, the rugged red rocks above the hills, and it just blew my mind.
      • Of course they have to break out of jail, and the posse who is hot on their tail gets turned back by a sniper in the rocks above.
      • One had to earn the right to surf beneath the dangerous pier, with it's exhilarating waves and threatening jagged rocks.
      • More than half of Mandela's sentence was spent on Robben Island, a windswept rock surrounded by the treacherous seas of the Cape of Good Hope.
      • Pavers surround a rock that is left to emerge from the floor.

    • 2.2(in sea)

      roca feminine
      escollo masculine
      the ship ran onto the rocks el barco encalló en las rocas

    • 2.3(boulder)

      roca feminine
      [ S ]danger falling rocks desprendimiento de rocas
      • We are presented with abstract patterns of black and gray with flashes of white that only with time begin to coalesce into an image of water rippling over well-worn rocks on the riverbed.
      • They rolled over and over in the tumbling water, then finally surfaced downstream, away from the rocks - and far, far from the distantly barking pack of dogs.
      • In order to trap him forever, the landowner pulls a rock, the size of a small car, over the cave mouth.
      • He lies on a rock, a mountain looming above him and his naked body partially covered by a white dress.
      • Watch for the scene where Sid is trying to get comfortable on a rock - he flops around, contorting his body into every possible shape.
      • It was so clearly identifiable as his work from the outset that I kept expecting either Ricardo Montalban or Kate Winslet to pop out from behind a rock.
      • I loved the endless hours I spent splashing in streams, eating blackberries off the bush, catching trout, walking the woods, sunning on rocks, listening to banjos and dulcimers.
      • They decipher traces of ancient Platyhelminthe movement in the California mountains, on rocks that are over half a billion years old.
      • Lane advances toward Mrs. Lowe's hiding place and she begins shooting wildly, one bullet after another, even after Lane takes cover behind a rock.
      • With a free afternoon ahead, I hiked a quarter mile from Chopta, sat down on a large rock, and watched the sun descend in the West toward snow-capped peaks, a huge red ball sliding behind dense gray clouds.
      • Should he have intervened, therefore preventing David's death, or did he do the right thing by just staying behind the rocks?
      • If you hit a big rock, just feel your way around it, but don't lose your sense of direction.
      • He too loves the way the light plays upon the crags and faces of the rocks but Roland has another relationship with the mountain, he is call out co-ordinator for the mountain search and rescue dogs.
      • A slightly uneven surface is studded with irregular mossy rocks and covered with the northern European forest mixture of grass and creeping shrubs like bilberry.
      • It crosses multiple blocks and is lush with trees, flowers, lawns, cliffs, streams, waterfalls, ponds, clusters of rocks, and outdoor terraces.
      • The ‘Stone fish’ has a deadly poison which paralyses you and they look just like stones so can be camouflaged amongst the rocks.
      • The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight.
      • Geometric shapes, classical columns, shrines and sets of zigzagging stairs are combined with stylized landscape elements, such as rocks, a river, fields and mountains.

    • 2.4(stone)

      piedra feminine
      to throw rocks tirar piedras
      • to have rocks in one's head faltarle a algn un tornillo
      • Because it was big and strong, people ran from it or threw rocks at it or chased it around, waving torches.
      • In some instances, especially in the war zones, rocks were thrown at the screens.
      • Alex kicked another rock in front of her and nodded.
      • My brother and I would pretend fight, I'd be knocked down, and then I'd roll down the hill while bumping against tiny rocks and other imperfections peppering the slide.
      • What Aranoa does is pick up that rock and show the teeming life underneath.
      • He and his friend throw rocks at each other and walk out of town.
      • If an animal threatened to get out of place, a hiss or a shout or a well-aimed rock would turn it back where it belonged, but such measures were not often necessary.
      • If you must ripple the pond, throw a small rock first and pay careful attention.
      • I just want to be old and nasty and live alone and throw rocks at neighborhood dogs.
      • Outdoors, a lone malcontent teenage girl lurks and throws rocks in the dark.
      • She shot small rocks on the beach from above at the time of day when the sun casts long shadows.
      • I get the feeling I couldn't throw a rock without hitting a Baldwin.
      • At her house, he gets the attention of her bouncer by throwing a rock.
      • Tiger also faced abuse at the hands of grade school classmates, who once even tied him to a tree and threw rocks at him.
      • You saw the scene with the kids throwing rocks at us.
      • Upon rushing upstairs I discovered he had thrown a rock through my window.
      • The film has one of cinema's most beautiful uses of an open exterior, when the husband throws a rock towards the nuclear plant just after dusk.
      • He threw rocks through their living window and claimed they were being attacked.
      • A switchback ramp scales a battered wall of rough granite blocks and you wonder if defenders will appear on the ramparts above and drive you off with rocks.
      • He kicked a small rock on the ground to the other side of the path.

  • 3slang

    piedra feminine
    • It's like a trip through a jewelry store that sells nothing but pricey diamond rings with big rocks.
    • Instead of working with flashy, expensive rocks, he preferred to use semiprecious stones - and his wits.
  • 4British

    barra de caramelo de colores


  • 1

    rock masculine
    (band/singer/star/concert) (before noun) de rock
    (music) rock
    heavy/soft rock rock duro/blando
    • Before disco undermined the morale and minds of millions, rock rode the rails of success, scoring the soundtrack for that personal motion picture you were playing in your head.
    • Back in the '60s and '70s I listened to Gordon Lightfoot a fair bit when I wanted to take a break from the harder rock that was the staple of my listening.
    • He beat out no less than Sting and Paul McCartney, two rock idols who performed their own nominated songs.
    • My dad had booked a special reunion concert by 80s rock legends, Dire Straits.
    • This is about as close to the sensory overload of a rock concert without actually being at a rock concert.
    • Jill looked stunning, but she wasn't really dressed for a rock concert.
    • The debt owed to past blues musicians by the giants of the rock industry - Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin among others - becomes apparent when you listen to their music.
    • Rock movies, like rock songs, need not be original to be successful: get the chords right and the arrangements scarcely matter.
    • The movie is a disappointment, and could have been a lot better if only he had gone out on a few more limbs than just the inclusion of a few rock tunes.
    • The book tells of William's initiation into journalism and his adventures in the rock industry.
    • One reason I really like the '70s era of rock, besides the fact I was a young man then, was that it was an era where musicians really tried to reach for the pinnacle of their abilities in their music.
    • I was a fan of the band back in the '60s, before I got turned on to harder rock.
    • We were all squealing like kids at a rock concert.
    • He had organised a rock concert to coincide with one of the city's major sporting events.
    • The alternative rock soundtrack is wonderfully raw as it blares from the speakers.
    • The music is a bizarre score of upbeat string numbers, samba tunes, jazz numbers, rock ballads, and every other style thrown together in a peculiar 1980s-esque synthesized sort of way.