Translation of rock and roll in Spanish:

rock and roll

rocanrol, n.

(rock 'n' roll)

Pronunciation ///ˈˌrɑk ən ˈroʊl/


  • 1

    rocanrol masculine
    rock and roll masculine
    • If you've read any of his novels, you are aware that King has an affection for rock and roll.
    • Though my first love is rock and roll, classical music has always been able to touch my soul in a different way.
    • Their music used electronic amplification, and was more closely allied to the emerging styles of rhythm and blues and rock and roll.
    • The band featured a crunching blend of three guitars, lyrics for the ‘every man’ and a grass roots sort of approach to rock and roll.
    • The result was a socially-relevant musical - a stunning new genre that seemed just right for a new generation raised on rock and roll.
    • The Mamas and The Papas came onto the music scene at a time where popular music was making the transition from folk to rock and roll.
    • It was a time of innocence and fun, an era of rock and roll, black and white TV, and invaders from outer space!
    • Carlos Santana hails from the days when technical excellence really meant something in rock and roll.
    • The clothes, the people, the settings, and the war between rock and roll and disco of the time are dead on.
    • There's nothing like straightforward rock and roll to get your blood pumping.
    • Unlike most front men in rock and roll, he doesn't have a huge ego.
    • Right around that time was the emergence of rock and roll and I lived it.
    • My heart belongs to rock and roll, and that is the music I performed for nearly 20 years.
    • As much as the movie tries to deny it, the early '70s were one of the best times for rock and roll.
    • In rock and roll, the best and most influential bands are not always the most successful.
    • Popular music (be it rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country, folk, rap, or whatever) has the power to express and regulate our emotions.
    • There is only one band that systematically gets cited whenever the concepts of heavy metal and hard-driving rock and roll are discussed.
    • Holly pioneered the dark, fast beat of rhythm and blues, and let bop become rock and roll.
    • With eerie accuracy, it intimated the upcoming split in American society begat by Vietnam, rock and roll, and a new drug culture.
    • They may look weird, but they are the closest rock and roll has come to real art since Frank Zappa.