Translation of rock face in Spanish:

rock face

pared rocosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑk ˌfeɪs///


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    pared rocosa feminine
    • A forty-metre-high mountain has sprung up and enveloped the building, the corners of which occasionally protrude from the artificial rock face.
    • The small natural population of silverswords that persists on Mauna Kea now contains only 42 plants, all of them confined to cliffs and rock faces that are inaccessible to ungulates.
    • They're expert climbers, so they can go up any rock face and that is their world.
    • Even if he could be brought back to get a grip on the rock face, he was surely a dead man walking - or clambering.
    • Smith consulted on these engineering projects, which earned him money, the chance to travel, and a close-up view of the rock faces.
    • The sound is eerie, piercing, and ricochets at us off Eocene-era volcanic rock faces.
    • The main geographical features of Mugar Gadam, which presumably led to its establishment, are two large, adjacent crevices in the rock face, and above them a nearby spring.
    • The most radical aspect of the scheme is the treatment of the exterior as a massive rock face that will eventually bloom into a spectacular vertical garden.
    • Despite the apparent visual continuity of the rock face, it quickly becomes clear that the climbers occupy different spatial realities.
    • They were not roped together at this point, and Doug decided to scout a way across the rock face into another chimney, or perhaps to a couloir they could use as a way down.
    • The key turning point arrives during a long sequence of Paul learning to climb the rock face of an intimidating cliff.
    • The audience effectively gets stuck in the panic on the rock face, watching helplessly as Peter makes a life-altering decision that will taint relations with his sister.
    • A singular rock face etches a message - which cannot be put in words - against the sky.
    • They also appear to be growing out of the bare rock faces.
    • Most are found on vertical rock faces with an aspect towards the river.
    • I was fair at climbing rock faces, but not that high!
    • The others have been carved from a vertical rock face and are more cave-like.
    • Wayne easily slipped through the crevice in the rock face, but I had to hold my breath so I wouldn't get stuck.
    • The monster ran away and climbed the sheer rock face of a mountain with incredible speed and agility before Frankenstein could stop him.
    • Around him, the Company laborers were dynamiting a rock face in an attempt to build a rail line, and others sat under the shade of trees, overwhelmed by the heat.