Translation of rock pool in Spanish:

rock pool

posa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑk ˌpul///


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    (charco que queda en las rocas al bajar la marea) posa feminine
    • He and Passareil had been sitting on the edge of a small rock pool and when he looked up they were surrounded by others listening.
    • The morning will begin with a chance to either relax beside a rock pool or head off on a brisk walk along England Creek.
    • The programme of events includes displays of top-class water and beach sports, guided walks, exhibits of our marine heritage, getting up close to the creatures that live in our oceans and coastal rock pools.
    • I found a perfect little cave with pebbles scattered on the floor, and just next to it a rock pool.
    • It also has a rock pool with a small waterfall carved right into the cliff below the compound.
    • She looked back across the beach towards the rock pool at the base of the cliff.
    • There was a waterfall with a rounded rock pool, where we would go swimming after working in the villages and on the nature trails.
    • At low tide opposite the aquarium and also at the end of the roads north or south of the Peninsula there are reefs and rock pools well worth exploring.
    • She waded through the gentle salt water separating rock pools and cave and huddled in a corner where her mother used to take her.
    • The proposal makes detailed suggestions for specific alterations and additions, such as an information panel about the marine life of the rock pools below.