Translation of rocky in Spanish:


rocoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑki//ˈrɒki/


  • 1

    (covered with, full of rock)
    (soil/ground) rocoso
    (path) pedregoso
    • Traces of these explorations are still visible in the rocky outcrops on the ridge.
    • The shop is situated in one of Ireland's treasured beauty spots, Sandycove, named after the cove near the rocky point on which the Martello Tower was built.
    • This mass is counterbalanced at the south end by a large chimney that anchors the transparent skin of the living space while framing views of the rocky landscape beyond.
    • The subject too tends to be rendered in a formulaic way with the figure positioned centrally or slightly to one side within a rocky hollow or outcrop.
    • The spare condominium complex complements the rugged pasture land and rocky cliffs that distinguish Sea Ranch as a magnificent site.
    • The film is grainy and rich, you can almost feel the old dusty wood, the waterfalls, the rocky buttes and scrubby plains leap out of the screen.
    • The fascinating and colourful marine life of shoreline and rock pool was filmed in the inter-tidal zone of a typical and attractive rocky shore of southwest England.
    • The sets, particularly Olaf's deteriorating mansion and the home of Aunt Josephine, literally teetering on the edge of a rocky cliff, echo the gothic themes of the storytelling, and never fail to impress.
    • Usher saddles up and begins to ride away, but after rounding a rocky bend, he pulls out a hidden rifle and charges back into camp.
    • The music is monumental and the landscape limited to desert, or rocky mountain.
    • The rocky canyon walls are almost like a natural amphitheater.
    • The film opens with a powerful scene, as Ivan and his older brother's friends dare each other to jump off a high tower into rocky waters.
    • I looked up at the little rocky cove above the pier.
    • This is a man who operates on himself, removing a musket ball, and then goes on a 10 mile trek across the rocky lengths of one of the Galapagos islands.
    • The sharp rocky shores make the island inhospitable to man.
    • He says that he has discovered the whereabouts of the big ship, floating in Arctic waters, within close proximity of rocky outcrops in an area of sea where the international law of ‘finders keepers’ operates.
    • Ariadne poses against a rocky outcrop and raises her hand in a rhetorical gesture that makes her seem irate and merciful, proud and humble.
    • These may be the best teeth for hard or rocky soil and for heavy infestations of quackgrass and other weeds with underground rhizomes.
    • The tomb, situated in an elevated position at the end of a rocky gorge, is a well-preserved architectural and artistic masterpiece.
    • It is particularly adapted to rough, rocky land, trees with large, spreading root systems, finer textured soils and for interplanting in previously planted areas.
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    • 2.1

      (start) incierto
      (period) de incertidumbre
      (base) nada sólido
      (base) tambaleante
      • In 1830 Louis Philippe returned the Pantheon to civic use, but for the first rocky decade of his reign not a single figure was buried there for fear of public protest.
      • It may have had a rocky road in its initial theatrical release, but the DVD format allows viewers to explore its unique world.
      • They enter into a rocky marriage and a manager-star relationship that lasts for 15 grueling years of physical and psychological abuse.
      • In one long flashback we are shown the rocky road of Seth and Chelsea's relationship leading up to the present moment.
      • He steers clear of the build/bid approach, knowing that a contentious relationship between the owner and contractor signals a rocky road.
      • There were some rocky moments, but basically it's gone very well.
      • There are the star players who learn quickly and work confidently or those diamonds-in-the-rough who have rocky starts but turn into the best employees a business owner has ever had.
      • Rumor has it that the film experienced a rocky production history.
      • Of course, none of this would matter if the film itself didn't bear the marks of its rocky road to a theater near you so prominently.
      • The performance ultimately seemed to take the form of inter-band bickering in one of the member's living rooms after a particularly rocky practice session.
      • And like Terry, over the course of their rocky acquaintance Jean gains greater understanding and insight.
      • As these relationships progress, we learn of Jones' rocky history with his alcoholic mother and his desire to find the father he barely knew yet obsesses about daily.
      • The gallery's rocky future means that no shows have been booked for 2001.
      • If the rocky relationship between Dawson and Joey was an attempt to hash out the question of what the difference is between lovers and soul mates, this speech is the answer.
      • The landing was fairly smooth, a bit rocky at times, but overall comfortable.
      • The Oscar-nominated drama stars Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney as a couple dealing with the trials and tribulations of a rocky marriage.
      • The newly unionized dancers of the ballet have already hit a rocky road with company management.
      • I also think the transition from childhood to adulthood is generally more rocky than we've seen.
      • However, the process of learning in groups can be a rocky experience for both learners and teachers, no matter how interested they are in the topic at hand.
      • He leans into her ear and whispers the important lesson he's learned about life, a lesson that also helps Charlotte reconcile her rocky marriage.
      • After a rocky 2000-01 season, during which the ballet lost its lease on its studios and bounced from one temporary space to another, the company's ship is regaining its keel.

    • 2.2

      (furniture) inestable
      (furniture) poco firme
      this chair's a bit rocky esta silla se bambolea / no está muy firme