Translation of rod in Spanish:


varilla, n.

Pronunciation /rɑd//rɒd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(bar)

      varilla feminine
      barra feminine
      (in engine) vástago masculine
      connecting rod biela feminine
      • In the living room, a chainmail curtain hung from a metal rod is a fireguard for the aluminium clad fireplace.
      • The glass box is tethered to the brick walls with suspension rods, which reinforce the two separate structures, helping them to withstand extreme weather conditions and earthquakes.
      • Set against a blue background, the butterflies are connected to rods and wires that move their wings and simulate flight.
      • Here, three metal rods ran across a corner of the gallery, each supporting a large pulley wheel and a piece of canvas strap
      • Balusters were made of 90 mm steel rods cast into holes drilled into the rock and connected by steel plates.
      • The bright red fiberglass clasp, tilted at a 45-degree angle, rested on the floor; it connected to the wall by means of a thick steel rod.
      • I then welded a 1-inch piece of solid rod to the metal.
      • The multidisciplinary, cross-curriculum workshops enable all those who take part to build spectacular structures with the simplest of materials: thin wooden rods and rubber bands.
      • Four ‘Freefall Image’ sculptures were made of connected bronze rods with mottled surfaces and polished highlights.
      • The stair is elegantly made, a light filigree of steel rod and plates that contrasts with the heavy mass concrete solidity of the vault.
      • There's also a table with three skinny legs and a lidded jar with a thick, straight, vertical handle that rises up like the rod of a butter churn.
      • Both sculptures involve single plaster-walled cubes with open tops, out of which spiral successively smaller cubes made from metal rods.
      • Made of cinderblocks reinforced by steel rods, the undulating light-gray walls stretch some 140 feet in length.
      • Some untitled works from 1999 consist of a series of swags of satin, attached to curtain rods and installed on a wall.
      • The masonry units require steel post tension rods, anchor bolts, steel plates, and couplers for installation.
      • Approximately half of the tubes are filled with thin steel rods, which radiate outward to varying lengths.
      • The boulders themselves are kinetic sculptures; all but the heaviest rotates with the slightest touch, balanced atop a single stainless steel rod.
      • The white stucco ceiling undulates up to a peak of 22 ft; the walls fan out, and their pale ash panelling is overlaid by ribs of clustered birch rods.
      • These elegantly diminutive, finely wrought sculptures employ curved, flat and linear shapes that perch upon thin metal rods.
      • Work stopped in 1970, leaving blocked arches in the incomplete north transept, only a few bays of the intended cloister, and reinforcement rods protruding vainly from the stump of the crossing tower.

    • 1.2(for fishing)

      caña (de pescar) feminine

    • 1.3(for punishment)

      vara feminine
      férula feminine
      • I say relatively, because all too frequently you've broken the very rules you vow to uphold, particularly through your selective choice and editing of sequences of material which you then employ as a rod with which to beat us, and others.

    • 1.4(in eye)

      bastoncillo masculine
      • Messing with our rods and cones, Downing's saturated dots stick around perceptually in afterimages.
      • Be warned, if you sit too close to the screen, the TV may do permanent damage to your rods and cones.

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    (unit of measure)
    antigua medida de longitud equivalente a 5,029m