Translation of roentgen in Spanish:


roentgen, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛntdʒən//ˈrəːntɡən//ˈrɒntɡən//ˈrəntdʒən//ˈrɛntɡən//ˈrʌntdʒən//ˈrəntɡən/


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    roentgen masculine
    roentgenio masculine
    • A lethal exposure of radiation ranges from 300 to 500 roentgens an hour; levels in the tour areas vary from 15 to several hundred microroentgens an hour.
    • She talked about rems and rads and roentgens per hour, and at first, he tried to memorize her words, but he wasn't able to commit the information to memory.
    • This is also equivalent to exposure to a level of one roentgen.
    • Some paramecium can withstand 200,000 roentgens.