Translation of roll in Spanish:


rodar, v.

Pronunciation /roʊl//rəʊl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(rotate)

      (barrel/ball) rodar
      to roll downhill rodar cuesta abajo
      • the bottle was rolling around inside the crate la botella rodaba dentro del cajón
      • the bag split and the oranges rolled out la bolsa se rompió y las naranjas salieron rodando
      • But as they tear down the dirt roads in the dead of night, a truck rolls out of nowhere, they lose control, and their car ends up in a ditch.
      • One shocking scene shows street children assaulting a wino and gleefully rolling him down the stairs, punishment for his spiritual and physical corruption.
      • Their efforts were rewarded just two minutes from time when the ball was rolled back to Bullock some 25 yards from goal.
      • Facing each other, the female rolls the egg from a furry fold in her abdomen to the male who balances it on his toes and slips his coat over it to keep it warm.
      • This all just happens, like a boulder rolling downhill, but without any sense of danger.
      • She laughingly recalled a day when Pearl, then in her thirties, had inexplicably rolled a large rock into the living room of the house where she and other children were playing.
      • Spectacularly, sweets rolled in all directions, across the floor and underneath the chairs.
      • But the car is already wrecked against a tree, and a beach ball rolls away from it.
      • Residents said tanks rolled down their street firing into their homes.
      • This can result in a loss of operational control, with the wheel possibly rolling away from the unit and injuring bystanders.
      • A pickup truck rolls down a dark highway.
      • Michael and his friends take out their rage on the teacher by duct-taping him to his chair and repeatedly rolling him across the floor.
      • Cross the border into the East, and you could meet tanks rolling down the street.
      • Why the law of momentum conservation is not violated when a ball rolls down a hill and gains momentum?
      • There follows a four and a half minute high-angle shot of a carriage wheel rolling along a dirt road, while a male voice-over narration reads a letter the novelist had written to his daughter.
      • As the tanks roll into town Charlotte is forced to decide whose safety matters most.
      • After a few moments, Meagan saw the ball slowly rolling away near the swings.
      • In the opening sequence, a huge boulder rolls down the hillside, barely missing him and landing in the swimming pool.
      • The United midfielder rolled the ball back for Andy Cole who crashed a shot into the net.
      • He was filmed throwing about five stones and rolling a beer barrel down the hill towards the police line.
      • Aiming carefully, she took the shot and the ball rolled to a stop about a foot from the hole.
      • The gods had condemned him to ceaselessly roll a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight.
      • A ball rolls slowly into the frame, its impetus unseen.

    • 1.2(turn over)

      the car rolled over three times el coche dio tres vueltas de campana
      • roll (over) onto your stomach/back date la vuelta
      • we rolled over and over in the sand nos revolcamos en la arena
      • they all rolled around laughing todos se revolcaron de risa
      • to be rolling in money / in it estar podrido de dinero

    • 1.3(sway)

      (plane/car/ship) balancearse
      (car/ship/plane) bambolearse
      • Our boarding party had to get aboard a ship rolling and heaving in large seas.
      • The boat rolled and nodded gently.
      • The aircraft rolled off to the left prior to slicing nose low to 90 degrees down.

  • 2

    • 2.1(move)

      she watched the column of trucks roll by miró como pasaban los camiones, uno detrás del otro
      • the car began to roll down the hill el coche empezó a deslizarse cuesta abajo
      • tanks rolled into the capital at dawn los tanques entraron en la capital al amanecer
      • tears rolled down his cheeks las lágrimas le corrían por las mejillas
      • huge waves came rolling in llegaban unas olas enormes
      • the engines roll off the production line at a rate of 20 a week producen / fabrican 20 motores por semana
      • his name doesn't roll off the tongue su nombre es difícil de pronunciar
      • the phrase rolls off the tongue la frase es musical y fluida

    • 2.2(extend)

      the hills roll away into the distance las colinas se pierden en el infinito

  • 3

    (begin operating)
    (camera) empezar a rodar
    (press) ponerse en funcionamiento
    everything's ready to roll ya está todo listo
    • let the good times roll! ¡que vengan los buenos tiempos!
    • The planter was rolling at 6 a.m. every day and didn't stop until 11 p.m.
    • The first plate is prepared, ink is spread on the rollers, paper is laid on the press bed and the machine rolls into action.
    • It was as though everybody had a huge argument right before the camera started rolling and could hardly wait to get back to their respective trailers.
    • We see him stomping through sets, leaping through obstacles, and grabbing extras, making sure they are in the proper place when the cameras roll.
    • Were there any other issues that needed to be resolved before the cameras could roll?
    • As the cameras roll, an attractive young woman sits at the newsdesk reading the autocue.
    • He’ll shoot the flick between other projects, and plans to get the cameras rolling soon.
    • She forgot how to act when the cameras began rolling.
    • He just placed seven cameras with infrared tape and microphones in different areas of his studio and let them roll.
    • However, because the fight was brief, they kept the camera rolling.
    • After that there was an understanding that the cameras could be rolling at any time and any footage taken could potentially find its way into the film.
    • Then, just as the cameras were about to roll, I heard the devastating news: Doris had died in August.
    • I really want to just obey my own impulses when the camera's rolling.
    • Working from a very loose story outline, the actors create their characters when the camera begins to roll.
    • As one might expect, this collection spotlights the massive amount of work that took place before the cameras even began rolling.
  • 4

    (make noise)
    (drum) redoblar
    (thunder) retumbar
    • Lightning forked the sky outside and the thunder rolled down the hills in a tumble.
    • As thunder rolled in the distance, Jumabaev contacted the spirits and then began an extraordinary performance, entering a trance-like state as he sang for 40 minutes.
    • One night I heard the sound of thunder rolling in my direction.
    • The sound rolls in like a terrible thunder: a booming and coruscating blast of noise that rumbles darkly and sparks with light.
    • The sound of a dull explosion rolled across the city.
    • But the lightening has flashed and the thunder rolled…
    • Captivated by the breathtaking scenery, his sensitive response to nature encapsulated his impression of the roar of the waves rolling into the cavern and the cries of the seabirds.
  • 5rolling pres p

    (countryside/hills) ondulado
    (gait) bamboleante
    (oratory/tones) vibrante
    (contract/schedule) renovable
    (strikes/power cuts) escalonado

transitive verb

  • 1

    (barrel/ball) hacer rodar
    (dice) tirar
    I'll roll you for it vamos a echarlo a los dados
    • you need to roll a four tienes que sacar un cuatro
  • 2

    (turn over)
    the nurse rolled me over onto my side la enfermera me puso de costado / de lado
  • 3

    to roll one's eyes poner los ojos en blanco
  • 4

    (cigarette) liar
    the hedgehog rolled itself into a ball el erizo se hizo un ovillo / una bola
    • a circus, museum and craft fair all rolled into one un circo, un museo y una feria de artesanía, todo en uno
    • the architect rolled the plans out on the table el arquitecto desenrolló los planos sobre la mesa
    • she rolled up her sleeves se arremangó
    • I rolled up the rug enrollé la alfombra
  • 5

    (lawn) pasarle el rodillo a
    (dough/pastry) estirar
  • 6

    to roll one's 'r's hacer vibrar las erres
  • 7

    (have sex with)
    pasar por las armas informal
    tirarse slang
  • 8US

    they rolled him for everything he had le robaron todo lo que tenía


  • 1also bread roll

    pancito masculine
    panecillo masculine Spain
    bolillo masculine Mexico
  • 2

    (of paper, wire, fabric) rollo masculine
    (of banknotes) fajo masculine
    a roll of film un rollo / un carrete (de fotos)
    • a roll of hundred-dollar bills un fajo de billetes de cien dólares
    • (around waist) rolls of fat michelines
  • 3

    balanceo masculine
    bamboleo masculine
  • 4

    (turning over)
    voltereta feminine
  • 5

    the dogs ran off for a roll in the dry leaves los perros salieron corriendo a retozar entre las hojas secas
    • a roll in the hay un revolcón
  • 6

    (of drum) redoble masculine
    (of thunder) retumbo masculine
  • 7

    lista feminine
    the electoral roll el registro electoral Chile Venezuela
    • they have 700 on roll tienen 700 alumnos inscritos
    • to call the roll pasar lista
    • to strike sb off the roll excluir a algn de la lista de profesionales habilitados para ejercer
    • honor roll/roll of honour cuadro de honor
  • 8

    (of dice)
    tirada feminine
    to be on a roll estar de buena racha