Translation of roller in Spanish:


rodillo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrəʊlə//ˈroʊlər/


  • 1

    (for lawn, in machine, for applying paint)
    rodillo masculine
    • Most painting projects require more than paint, brushes or rollers.
    • Bed rollers close to the blade reduced the friction of timbers on the machined cast iron table.
    • Using a standard roller cover and paint tray apply the glaze to the wall starting at the ceiling and working your way down.
    • Sparks fly and steam rises when the bars hit rollers that squeeze the metal into I-beams and rails.
    • My life seemed as fixable as a thin, glass vase which is conveniently dropped at a height of a hundred meters over a concrete area, stamped on and then flattened by a couple of rollers.
    • Someone might have oiled the rollers and idler pulley with too much oil or have gotten oil in some place it is not supposed to be.
    • The first plate is prepared, ink is spread on the rollers, paper is laid on the press bed and the machine rolls into action.
    • Cheap rollers, pads, and brushes can cause a poor application.
    • The sealer can usually be applied using a brush, roller or spray.
    • Batch after batch failed; but finally they developed a process in which whole wheat was cooked, allowed to stand for several hours and passed through plain rollers, which flattened each grain into a flake.
    • Using a roller and black enamel paint, the stencil was applied 250 times on each of a hundred 48-inch-square canvases.
    • A thumb switch near the right handlebar engages the motor to press a roller on the motor shaft, which helps spin the tire.
    • It quickly and effectively removes all types of latex-based paint from painting equipment such as brushes, rollers and spray tips.
    • After sealing each gallon, he started to gather up the brushes and rollers, occasionally stepping in a puddle of paint.
    • The crushing mechanism is made up of three shafts with three rollers mounted on each.
    • The suspended cam design also allows the feed rollers to adjust their angle of attack according to tree size, so that a wide range of tree sizes end up in the same position in the head every time.
    • This resistance could be reduced if the fixed shafts of the rollers were rotated as they moved.
    • Mounting wall maps on linen with rollers meant that they could be easily moved from one location to another.
    • With rollers, purchase a handle with nylon bearings, a comfortable grip, a threaded hole for an extension, and a beveled end.
    • During the final phases, he uses a roller to apply paint to the highest points of the surface and then uses small brushes to add highlights.
    • Product is palletized and moved over rollers and stored in one of the facility's freezers at - 18 degrees F.
    • Big sheets of paper cover the patio, and kid-safe paint, rollers, brushes, and stamps are everywhere.
    • You put a box in here, the apples run up a roller and this machine only sorts, it doesn't wash.
    • The lower part of the table is on rollers and when unlocked is moved out of the way.
    • Beyond traditional brushes and rollers, there is a whole range of convenience painting tools.
    • A bit farther on, glowing one-ton ingots of steel thunder down rollers to be pressed into thin sheets.
    • Generally you can achieve very similar results with a paint pad or a short-nap roller.
    • The artist uses masking tape and cardboard to construct a mold on a ground that has been prepared with clear medium applied with a roller.
    • The 1-piece rollers are chosen because they are cheaper since they are machined out of a single piece of metal.
    • In contrast, western woodblock processes typically use oil-based inks applied by a roller onto the block.
    • The front-mounted roller is designed with unsharpened blades welded to a hollow cylinder drum that can be filled with water for additional weight.
    • We use spray or rollers to get the paint on the wall, but we finish it with paintbrushes.
    • It can be applied using standard brushes, rollers or spray equipment, but to minimize the streaks and get the best color coverage, you'll probably find that foam brushes or spray equipment work best.
    • I've managed to spend some of our money on the material needed to redo the downstairs: Paint, wallpaper, tarps, brushes, and rollers.
    • Its two moving and two fixed feed rollers are hydraulically serial connected, and six delimbing knives ensure high quality logs.
    • Later refinements included calendered surfaces produced by passing sheets through rollers.
    • Applying orange paint with a small roller, he wove a continuous, scribblelike band of color throughout the 25-foot-high space.
    • Water-based paint washes off rollers with lukewarm soapy water, but it's advisable to buy a few roller sleeves if you are using a number of colours.
    • To aid the process of working the butter, they produced this press with which lumps of butter were squeezed between the two quarter cylinder rollers to press out the buttermilk.
    • As she did, paint from the roller splattered all over him.
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    (for hair)
    rulo masculine
    rulero masculine Peru River Plate
    marrón masculine Colombia
    chino masculine Mexico
    tubo masculine Mexico Chile
    to put one's hair in rollers ponerse rulos (or ruleros etc.)
    • Another thing to remember is that synthetic wigs cannot be styled with curling irons, hot rollers or blow dryers.
    • He also put my hair up in hot rollers, hair-sprayed the heck out of it, and when he was done, it was amazing: My hair was so big, I could be the envy of any mall rat!
    • For those who love soft, easy tresses, using rollers instead of a curling iron to add texture is one of the most restful options around.
    • Her hair was set in rollers, and her feet were snug in light green slippers.
    • Curl with either rollers or curling iron, remove ponytail and brush out.
    • Watch how your hair is styled, what products are used, what kind of brushes, rollers, or styling irons your hairdresser uses so that you can replicate the look yourself.
    • The only other patron is a middle-aged lady who's sitting on one of the barber chairs, her hair in permanent rollers while she flips through a magazine.
    • Around your face, the rollers should be curled down toward your ears.
    • Her brown hair was in rollers and she was also still in her nightgown.
    • I take my hair out of the rollers and spritz it with shine spray.
    • The group stood frozen while a green faced blonde hair girl with rollers in her hair stood at the top stair.
    • Whether using hot rollers or a blow dryer, apply hair spray after hair has cooled to maximize the style.
    • Velcro rollers on damp hair afford the best no-fuss volume.
    • Mariah grabbed the phone in a rush, cradling it between her ear and shoulder while putting a roller in her hair.
    • Her hair was in rollers and she had an avocado green clay mask on that was pulling her skin uncomfortably tight.
    • It's always this image with a landlady and landlord, with rollers in their hair.
    • After setting the hair on large rollers and drying it under a hooded dryer, he says she ran her fingers through it to loosen the curls and create softness.
    • After using the curling iron or rollers, allow your hair to completely cool.
    • I started applying light, silver shadows while the hair rollers heated up.
    • She was still in bed, pink plastic rollers in her hair, reading a beauty magazine.
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    (for moving sth)
    • 3.1(cylinder)

      rodillo masculine

    • 3.2(caster)

      ruedecita feminine
      ruedita feminine Latin America
      rodachina feminine Colombia

  • 4

    ola grande feminine
    • The Pacific, he told her, being deeper, produced groundswells that made those of the Atlantic appear like rollers on a lake.