Translation of romp in Spanish:


retozo, n.

Pronunciation /rɒmp//rɔmp//rɑmp/


  • 1

    retozo masculine
    the children dashed off for a romp in the snow los niños salieron a retozar en la nieve
    • It's daughter Caroline's third birthday and a proud and happy little girl turns church-going into a gleeful romp.
    • I quickly changed out of the white gown, and hung it up to dry, for it was partially damp due to my romp through the snow.
  • 2

    revolcón masculine informal
    • Come on woman, you've already had a romp in a supply cupboard, how insatiable can your sexual appetite be?
    • I am long overdue for a good romp between the sheets.
    • As the clandestine romps continue, the lovers' conversation turns on their differences.
    • The image does look as if these texts describe a harmless aristocratic sexual romp.
    • He's here to help, not reenact last night's sex romp dream.
    • As a homosexual, I would also be disapproving of promiscuous, illicit bathroom romps, simply because of the moral code by which I live.
    • I wouldn't turn down a romp in the sack with either one of them.
    • While most folks seem open to an occasional romp in the loo, the folks who aren't, well, they really aren't.
    • Forgive me, but a romp in the sack does not equal love.
    • Enjoying a sexy romp is one thing - buying promise rings is another.
    • She also enjoyed a romp or two with various Earls which seems to be a popular name back then.
    • Still at least if Daniel knew she was free he could suggest a romp in the hay or something.
    • Right in the middle of our romp, who should walk in but my boyfriend!
    • The younger woman's unabashed romps arouse Sarah's curiosity, unleashing sexual dreams in her.
    • The songwriter's lyrics are peppered with references to vampires, premonitions, smoke and mirrors, no strings attached sexual romps and Elvis rising from the dead.
  • 3

    (play, film, novel)
    • While the film is still an enjoyable mindless romp, it is the weakest of the four films in the saga.
    • Kids weren't bogged down by the taxation plot device that seems to unnecessarily bother us adults, they saw it for the enjoyable romp that it was.
    • Given the title and director, I was expecting something grotty and disturbing, so I was pleasantly surprised when the film turned out to be a lighthearted kitschy romp.
    • The elements are present for a really good sci-fi cinematic romp but unfortunately the movie's screenplay holds the film back from achieving great things.
    • The movie is a sly comic romp that transforms the realities of rock and roll into a fantasy farce about joy, fame, and isolation.
    • The ensuing high adventure is an energetic romp packed with plenty of explosions and near-death experiences that also works because of the chemistry of its stars.
    • An action romp is good, but one wonders if the story would be better served by slowing down a little.
    • What it is going to be is a light-hearted, humorous romp - a clear labour of love by an author who is obviously a huge fan of the genre and comedy in general.
    • What begins so promisingly as a satire or perhaps even comic romp leaves an uneasily nasty after-taste.
    • There are other delights around each and every corner of this film… if you like a good romp that has elements of tear-jerking romance.
    • The screen times get bigger and bigger, so now it's common for a movie to be two and a half hours, even if it's an action romp.
    • Only the writers get the virtual slap on the wrist for artificially inserting too much melodrama into a story that should have been a comic romp.
    • In all actuality, this film is a light-hearted action romp that has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek.
    • These surprises, when coupled with the highly stylized action sequences, made for an entertaining romp through the stunning panoramic shots of Mexico.
    • Step one is his novel, a hilarious romp intended to remind readers that the comic neurotic is also a talented writer.
    • Meticulously researched, her new film is a romp through the history of burlesque, narrated by those who practised the form.
    • Only its bloodless nature garnered it a G rating rather than PG. It's not a lighthearted romp like many of Disney's other animated movies.
    • Big stars in a fun romp of a movie directed with style and zest by one of the best film-makers working today.
    • Sketches, skits, parodies, songs, poems and bad dancing describe this sparkling, lighthearted romp through the Bard's amazing repertory of works.
    • Hodges found the production chaotic but managed to ‘let go’, producing a lavish and enjoyable comic sci-fi romp.

    obra divertida y sin pretensiones

  • 4

    (easy victory)
    carrera fácil feminine
    • Brock scored four more goals in the third period to cap off the romp with three of those coming in the last five minutes of the game.
    • But England will take what they can from a 12-try romp against the hapless Canadians.
    • In contrast, Secretariat's 31-length romp into immortality in the 1973 Belmont drew a crowd of 67,605.
    • Vale of Lune made club history with a six try romp at Morley at the weekend.
    • Snow Ridge registered a 3 length romp in his maiden debut at Kempton on September 6.

intransitive verb

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  • 2

    (move boisterously)
    correr alegremente
  • 3

    (move with ease)
    she romped through the exam no tuvo problemas para hacer el examen
    • he has romped into a spectacular lead ha conseguido sin dificultad una ventaja espectacular