Translation of room in Spanish:


habitación, n.

Pronunciation /rum//rʊm//ruːm//rʊm/


  • 1

    (in house, building)
    habitación feminine
    pieza feminine Latin America
    (bedroom) habitación feminine
    (bedroom) dormitorio masculine
    (bedroom) cuarto masculine
    (bedroom) pieza feminine Latin America
    (bedroom) recámara feminine Mexico
    a two-/four-room house una casa de dos/de cuatro habitaciones
    • we'll hire a room for the meeting/reception alquilaremos una sala para la reunión/recepción
    • single/double room habitación individual/doble
    • the smallest room (in the house) el (cuarto de) baño
    • [ S ]rooms to hire / for rent or (British also) to let se alquilan habitaciones
    • room and board pensión completa
    • The walls and ceiling of the room were perfectly black, with age and dirt.
    • And that meant one of the second-floor suites, since none of the rooms on the first floor was set up as personal living quarters.
    • They get the sign-painter's boy to help, because his family rents rooms in the schoolmaster's house.
    • He walked around the school corridors, passing by different rooms and by walls of lockers trying to find the room where the piano was.
    • Each room of the mansion presents a unique and different puzzle to be solved.
    • There is also a small utility room and separate storage room in this area.
    • To the right of the hall is the living/dining room, a large room which is the full depth of the house.
    • One of the delightful surprises is the ceiling of the toddler room on the second floor.
    • Always the Londoner, Arnold spent most of the week living in his rooms at the top of the Middle Temple.
    • Finally, the attic conversion has added two further rooms with walls and ceilings panelled in white deal.
    • He lives in rooms set apart from the rest of the house, to allow him some independence from his parents.
    • The cabin had 3 rooms on the first floor, the kitchen, den, and a locked room.
    • Gwen and her family lived in the upper rooms of a small house and I knew from experience that the smell of too many people in too small a place hit a person the second they opened the front door.
    • In the warehouse, a half-dozen or so rooms are stacked floor to ceiling with some of the world's finest wines.
    • Drinkers were served in the taproom, a large single room furnished with trestle tables and benches.
    • The premises consisted of a single dusty room, with a desk, two filing cabinets and one chair.
    • Smaller houses are simply a rectangular block of four walls forming a single room.
    • So he fought them, until they dragged him away to a room covered in padded walls and floors.
    • In the Chemistry Building there were a number of non-laboratory rooms on the first floor.
    • The room was an upstairs room with a floor of beaten earth, laid on beams of wood interlaid with matting.
    • There was a wall, separating two rooms, a living room to the left, and a kitchen to the right.
    • On the first floor the master bedroom and en suite bathroom are both spacious rooms with high ceilings.
    • The window curtain on this side of the room was dark; Ford assumed the suite had two rooms with a wall between them.
  • 2

    espacio masculine
    lugar masculine
    sitio masculine
    there's room for one more hay espacio / sitio / lugar para uno más
    • there's no room for anything else no cabe nada más
    • they made room for me me hicieron sitio
    • this table takes up too much room esta mesa ocupa demasiado espacio / lugar
    • there's still room for improvement todavía se puede mejorar
    • she's improved a lot — there was room! ha mejorado mucho — ¡y buena falta le hacía!
    • there is no room for delay/error no hay ningún margen para retrasos/errores
    • I need room to breathe necesito mi espacio vital
    • Laid in gravel and patio, it includes a number of shrubs and plants and offers plenty of room for outdoor dining.
    • The field was so crowded there was hardly room to move without running into a slashing sword.
    • It was a little dinner but the table they were seated at gave them both enough room to move around with ease.
    • It looks like a conventional backpack, with plenty of room for all your travel gear.
    • His room could easily fit three of my bedroom inside of it, with room to move around.
    • The horses and people took up a lot of room and made the enormous space look almost small.
    • The gown had no layers and it hugged her form while allowing her legs ample room to move.
    • The man sat down between two people, so she didn't have room to move to see his face.
    • There is room in the safer areas for these children; householders have volunteered to provide it.
    • One thousand people from a fishing village were forced to move to give room to a refinery plant which was never built.
    • This should mean that some of the smaller operators will still have room to move.
    • Small enough to be cosy, large enough to give her room to move if she wished it.
    • In the evenings there is room to move about unlike many bars and the music is quite ambient.
    • On the inside, there is plenty of room for rear passengers and the cabin is bright, roomy and attractive.
    • As they grow bigger, move them into a larger container so they have enough room to feed and move.
    • In three more weeks they will be more than twice the size, giving them no room at all to move.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    I'm rooming with another student vivo con / comparto una habitación (or un apartamento etc.) con otro estudiante
    • Smith rooms alone Smith tiene una habitación / un cuarto para él solo