Translation of room service in Spanish:

room service

servicio a las habitaciones, n.


  • 1

    servicio a las habitaciones masculine
    • He used the hotel's telephone to order breakfast from room service.
    • Want to be pampered and made to feel a princess, order in room service, eat great food and have a ball.
    • They had ordered hot cocoa from room service and gone through the photo albums that Pat had brought with her.
    • That night, back at the town's small hotel, they splurged on room service.
    • I would take you to the finest hotel in the city and order room service for us.
    • The standard of cuisine is also very good, whether you order room service or eat at one of the three restaurants.
    • She picked up the room phone and dialed the number for room service, ordering two ice cream sundaes.
    • Guests are also entitled to 24-hour room service, as well as laundry and dry cleaning services.
    • There's no room service, and instead of a gym, guests wanting to exercise are offered directions to a nearby park.
    • We surfed until about three, then went back to the room and ordered a late lunch from room service.
    • The hotel offered sumptuous cuisine, but she decided against ordering room service.
    • Are you two expecting room service or are you going to come down for dinner?
    • In that case, vacation is all about the first-class seats and the best hotels or, at the very least, ordering room service without looking at the prices.
    • I stayed in the hotel and ate room service that night.
    • Dinner is a sumptuous affair and, rather incongruously for a hotel which doesn't feel like a hotel, there is round-the-clock room service.
    • She reached for the phone and dialed room service, ordering a nice dinner for two.
    • At the hotel he had room service bring him his dinner.
    • Having not eaten on the long flight, I called room service and ordered a cheeseburger and fries.
    • Most of the hotel's patrons either frequented the hotel restaurant or chose to get room service bring something to their rooms.
    • Before starting the next episode, I called room service and ordered a muffin and apple juice for breakfast.