Translation of room temperature in Spanish:

room temperature

temperatura ambiente, n.


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    temperatura ambiente feminine
    • Megan didn't touch her food, merely stared at it while it cooled down to almost room temperature.
    • Nuts can be stored in their shells for about four months at room temperature before becoming rancid.
    • Oils are distinguished from other fats because they remain liquid at room temperature.
    • Cats generally prefer their food between room temperature and body temperature.
    • The plant likes bright light and grows well in room temperature.
    • These chemicals slowly leach out toxic vapours at room temperature - a process called out-gassing.
    • The flavor improves overnight, so the pie is best served the following day at room temperature.
    • If it's thawed at room temperature, harmful bacteria can build up on the surface and in the meat.
    • Ghee remains good for several weeks at room temperature, and for months in the refrigerator.
    • If it isn't at room temperature, your hands are going to get rather cold when you squeeze out the water.
    • This is a sea vegetable gelatin which does not need to be refrigerated and is quite hard at room temperature.
    • Transfer the dough to a lightly floured cold work surface and set aside to rest at room temperature for five minutes.
    • That means the liquid oil is blasted with hydrogen to make it solid at room temperature, like butter.
    • The inspectors complained that raw eggs were being stored at room temperature instead of in the fridge.
    • If bought green, quince should be allowed to ripen at room temperature for a few days until yellow and fragrant.
    • Is it true that all red wines should be served at room temperature and not chilled?
    • When you get home, place the avocado in a paper bag and keep it at room temperature; it will ripen in two to five days.
    • Fresh tomatoes can be stored in the fridge, but are significantly better ripened and served at room temperature.
    • In my opinion, this crumble is best warm, but it's good at room temperature, too.
    • I just let the plants sit in the hot tap water until it comes to room temperature, and place in our cooler.