There are 2 main translations of root in Spanish

: root1root2


raíz, n.

Pronunciation /ruːt//rut/


  • 1

    • 1.1Botany

      raíz feminine
      to pull a plant up by the / its roots arrancar una planta de raíz
      • to take root arraigar
      • root system raíces
      • From the mid-16th century suckets were made in Britain from local fruits, vegetables, and roots of many kinds.
      • When planted, the underground portion forms roots and the above ground portion forms branches and leaves.
      • Add the carrot, celery root, onions, apples, and paprika and sauté until soft.
      • Women gathered roots, prairie turnips, bitterroot, and camas bulbs in the early summer.
      • Leafy vegetables, roots, and fruits completed the traditional diet.
      • In two medium saucepans, sauté the carrots and celery root with two tablespoons of butter separately.
      • In a saucepan, add veal shanks, tongue, leeks, parsnips, celery root, garlic, red wine and veal stock.
      • In this street market, celeriac, parsley root, arugula and frisée were available.
      • Don't plant trees with deep roots, especially invasive species such as willows.
      • These include turnips, cabbage, mustard, cassava root, soybeans, peanuts, pine nuts and millet.
      • Add the onions and parsley root and sauté until translucent.
      • It is basically young ginger roots preserved in syrup, so I tried and reproduce something similar using first-of-the-season young ginger.
      • There actually looked to be enough meat left on the bones of her rabbit to cut up and fry along with some roots she found while hunting to supply a basic breakfast.
      • Rose looked behind herself to see that her foot had got caught in a root.
      • Reduce the heat, add the carrots, celeriac, leeks, and parsley root and simmer until tender, about three hours.
      • Where the path went over a root, steps were cut into the wood and passage along the path was easy.
      • Stumbling forward unsteadily, he tripped over a tree root and hit the ground face-first.
      • Her bare feet beat against the ground, stumbling over roots of the giant trees, until she came to a halt at the very center of the enormous trees.
      • Parsnips also make a wonderful soup and terrific fritters, and their long, blond roots are irresistible if roasted until the skinny tails scorch to a crisp.
      • He swore and kicked at the trunk as it caught on an upthrust root, then swore again as it jerked free and slammed into his shin.
      • First, there are the crisp, watery roots, such as carrots, jicama, radishes, and lotus root.
      • Water at the roots will keep plant stems and leaves turgid and able to photosynthesize.
      • A few sweet roots, parsnips, carrots and a stalk of celery will add flavour to the pan juices.
      • Wood is composed of bundles of microscopic tubes that were used to transport water from the roots of the tree to the leaves.
      • Organisers also recognise ginger as ‘a root of empowerment in holistic medicine.’
      • It can grow in soil with limited moisture because of its ability to send roots deep into the soil to tap water there.
      • These taste best when eaten raw, with the exception of lotus root, which should be thinly sliced and steamed or stir-fried.
      • Her foot caught on a root and she fell head first down the hill they were descending.
      • Even the accompanying potato and turnip gratin play off tuber and root, the warmth of one, the tang of the other.
      • I thought of the liquid levels in the bottles as metaphors for the underground water table and the strings as the extended roots of plants finding water.
      • My little brother finally stopped fighting me and sprinted ahead himself, tripping over a root and diving head first into the dirt.
      • I pulled myself onto the muddy bank with the tree roots and low hanging branches.
      • The chickens were then brought to the edge of the stream and alongside a large tree which had its roots in the water.
      • Miles suddenly staggered forward, his foot caught on a root.
      • They help roots scavenge more nutrients and water from the soil in exchange for sugar to make the molecules they need to live and grow.
      • Wash the roots and put them in a casserole dish with a lid.
      • This is the same process used by trees to carry water from their roots to their leaves.
      • She grunted as she hit the ground, a tree root digging into shoulder.
      • But trees help control runoff by soaking water in through their roots and providing sturdy support against erosion.
      • Outside the cavern I had viewed various edible herbs and plants such as onions and turnips as well as roots and grasses.

    • 1.2(of hair, tooth)

      raíz feminine
      before noun root canal treatment endodoncia feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(origin)

      raíz feminine
      to get to the root of a problem llegar a la raíz de un problema
      • drink is (at) the root of all his troubles la bebida es la causa de todos sus problemas
      • before noun root cause causa fundamental
      • The old saying, ‘Money is the root of all evil,’ came back to haunt her.
      • ‘It is a complex issue that goes to the root of sexual health matters,’ she says.
      • That, I guess, is the root of my fascination with this era.
      • This is very much a global liquidity crisis in the works, with unprecedented leveraged speculation at the root of the unfolding financial debacle.
      • Charlie had dealt with the root of his anger problem.
      • While money is supposedly the root of all evil, the wealthy are much less likely to argue about money than most folks.
      • To Kaitlin, he looked like the root of all her nightmares.
      • If I had not experienced some degree of disappointment and been determined to find the root cause, I may not have gained important knowledge about myself.
      • Prejudice seems to be the chief root of discrimination.
      • Pain is definitely at the root of weight gain for me.
      • But the desire for power comes from envy which is the root cause of all evil.
      • The forces that shape history have their roots in the most basic conditions of social and economic life.
      • There are endemic and perhaps diverse reasons at the root of inflation.
      • Perspectives are the root, the basic fiber, and the foundation of every social plague impoverishing us.
      • Technological innovation is an important source of variation in organizations and, in turn, a root of organizational adaptation.
      • As no doctor could help, he began to examine himself in mirrors, eventually concluding that faulty postural habits lay at the root of his problem.
      • At root, their differences reflected wildly divergent political perspectives, as well as contending visions of the future.
      • Sexual drive is at the root of humanity, and it is extremely resilient at the worst of times.
      • ‘Failure to address added services at the point of origin is the root of payment failure,’ he says.
      • Kurosawa draws the best possible performances from these actors by staying true to the source's roots as a play.

    • 2.2roots plural(family, background)

      raíces feminine
      she has no roots no tiene raíces
      • So most nationals prefer not to talk about their cultural roots and very often do not even know their ancestral tree.
      • With her memory of the past, their aunt serves as the instrument of a gendered return to their ethnic roots carried out in strongly ambivalent terms.
      • They and their families have their historical roots in the original villages.
      • English cultural roots lie in a merging of Anglo-Saxon, Danish, and Norman French culture that has existed as a synthesis since the late Middle Ages.
      • After a few aimless years of drifting, he tries to find and establish ethnic roots similar to his own in order to rekindle the principles his father tried to instill in him.
      • Many Sansei long to know more about their cultural roots, although the ways of their grandparents are alien to them.
      • Either he must assimilate in order to succeed or he must forego success for his ethnic roots and familial ties.
      • Joey had curly brown hair and was as dark as an African American, but his family roots originate from Spain.
      • Their region had most of the nation's industries, and their French cultural roots were considered an advantage.
      • People's sense of their cultural roots - a recognition of a place having a strong patina of age and strong local identity - is often instinctive.
      • Children living on the street, the lack of family roots, and an increase in crime have brought tremendous social stresses to Latin American countries.
      • Colonization broke the power of the traditional rulers, but social status is still partially determined by a person's family roots.
      • You'll probably need to learn a lot more about each other's religious and ethnic roots, as well as introduce your children to a host of varied rituals.
      • This was somewhat ironic, as I know for a fact that my family once had its roots in the moors of England as well, and that we were one of the wealthier families and reviled by many.
      • It's about my background and about roots, family, music and manhood.
      • I want to hold on to my roots, my origins, my family, my friends.
      • Many Americans of Bulgarian descent are re-discovering their ethnic roots.
      • Dictators and other political powers often suppress art because it provides a point of critical resistance, building a new national identity by evoking cultural roots.
      • As artists it is important that we be free no matter what our racial and ethnic roots are - to find and define and follow our aesthetic.
      • In the broad Canadian scene, a diverse group of Baptists with different theological or ethnic roots has emerged.

  • 3

    raíz feminine
    • Significantly, the root of bahelawi is bahel, meaning culture.
    • So, Eskimoan languages are really extraordinary in their productive word-building capability, for any root you might pick.
    • I do not intend ‘rational’, in this sense, but, rather, in the sense of its Latin root, ratio, meaning reason.
    • It's pretty clear, based on Green's paper-doll explanation, that the root morpheme must have been puppet.
    • Words combine with words, or prefixes and suffixes combine with roots, in ways that over time drift away from perfect sense.
  • 4

    raíz feminine
    square/cube root raíz cuadrada/cúbica
    • It's hard enough trying to remember cubed roots and the average lifespan of an amoeba.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    echar raíces
    • To keep a variety indefinitely, root a few stem cuttings every year.
    • Severe fires incinerate duff and all plants rooted there.
    • I cut it back to bring indoors and rooted the cuttings.
    • An easy way to overwinter desirable varieties is to root cuttings in the fall.
    • The resulting soil is loose and fast draining, which encourages plants to root deeply, well away from the desiccating heat at the surface.
    • It's a good time to root stem cuttings so you will have new plants for the garden next spring.
    • These include the ability of mother plants to produce plenty of wood, the ease with which cuttings root, and also the ease with which they can be grafted.
    • The dome will keep the stems from drying out until the plant is rooted.
    • Keep moist and a high percentage of the cuttings will root in four to five weeks.
    • At the time the young plant, having rooted, is placed in a pot, where it will remain for some two to three months.
    • Once the succulents are rooted (in four weeks), he transfers them to pots or garden beds.
    • Cluster-forming bulbous plants, such as daffodils, can be split after they have rooted a few years.
    • I've heard of people rooting rose cuttings, but have never succeeded at it.
    • When using the second method for rooting hardwood cuttings of deciduous plants you do everything exactly the same as you do with method number one, up to the point where you bury them for the winter.
    • Thicker layers may reduce the amount of oxygen in the soil and encourage plants to root in the mulch layer rather than in the soil.
    • The earlier the cuttings are rooted the taller will be the blooming plants.
    • I have successfully rooted plumeria branches broken from my plants.
    • About six months after you have rooted your cutting, you can transplant it directly into the garden, if you choose.
    • And remember, trees growing in lawns are rooted in the same soil as the grass and rarely require separate nitrogen fertilizer programs.
    • With all of that said, today it is possible to grow Pink Dogwoods by rooting cuttings under intermittent mist.
    • They are the easiest rose to start from seed, and also the easiest to root from cuttings.
    • The best way to propagate your favorites is to root stem cuttings taken from your own plants in spring.
    • Now is the right time of year to take cuttings of rosemary which roots very easily in sand.
    • Because it is busy rooting, any growth that you may have seen on the bulb will slow down until the plant is rooted - so don't panic of things seem to come to a dead halt.
    • There are three different techniques for rooting cuttings of deciduous plants.
    • The system includes a root-repellent membrane to prevent plants from rooting in the roof, a drainage system and a growing medium that is lighter than the soil used on the ground.
    • I had a sudden premonition of the proud tower reduced to a pile of rubble overgrown by the plants that had rooted in its mossy crevices.
    • Once the stem has rooted it can be cut free of the mother plant.
    • Supply high humidity, warmth and light in order for the cuttings to root within four to five weeks.
    • A Yoshino cherry is propagated by grafting a cutting onto another cherry trunk or by rooting small cuttings.
    • Dryland corn is rooting at the three foot depth and, even with high temperatures and lack of precipitation, it is looking good.
    • They are easily rooted from cuttings, so I rarely bother gathering seeds from them.
    • Begin mowing when the lawn is firmly rooted, a month or two after planting.
    • Take geranium cuttings of two to four inches to root indoors.
    • To prepare an area in which to root cuttings you must first select a site.
    • The cuttings root very easily in sand or in a rooting medium.
    • The pool's dark surface is patterned with the reflection of a few bare trees that appear to be rooted within and just beyond the pool itself.

There are 2 main translations of root in Spanish

: root1root2


hozar, v.

Pronunciation /rut//ruːt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (search, forage)
    (pig) hozar
    I don't want him rooting through my desk no quiero que ande hurgando en mi escritorio
    • she was rooting around in the attic for her racket estaba hurgando entre las cosas del desván buscando su raqueta
    • There was a big pile of stuff in the corner and I rooted through it and felt like a dog searching for a bone or a pig looking for a truffle.
    • We passed through a narrow gate, left open, and saw an empty cattle shed, and next to it a circular pig sty, with a few great swine rooting through the strawy mud.
    • With shaking limbs, she rose from her bed, stumbled to the small wardrobe that held her few remaining possessions and started rooting through them, searching frantically.
    • He was rooting through his pack for matches when Pierre-Jacques, no doubt assuming he was doing us a favor, soaked the assemblage in gasoline and ignited it with a cigarette lighter.
    • At night we saw dogs rooting in the shadows, and men walking in the cold, their hands drifting out of warm pockets reaching for what?
    • These young designers root through junk piles and garage sales to create one-of-a-kind, quirky pieces of furniture.
    • She sighed and started rooting though her rations pack looking for more food.
    • The girl rushes to join her mother, who is rooting through some old piles of lace handkerchiefs.
    • Bounding to the bathroom, he rooted through the cabinets, stuffing everything he found into pockets and hiding places in his sweaters and tunic.
    • He turned and rooted through a pile of folders on a table beside him.
    • On the Bowling Green near Manhattan's southern tip, for instance, stood a vacant pedestal enclosed by an iron fence around which stray pigs often rooted.
    • The burden would then be on them to root through all their files in search of infringing items.
    • Ignoring his morals and his upbringings, Brad continued to root through the drawer in search of the gun.
    • She handed him her brown bag and he rooted through it.
    • He looks over at Tim, who is wearing a pair of headphones over one ear and is rooting around in his jeans pockets for something, probably food.
    • Laura, in her nightgown, notices that Tom's bed is empty while he roots around in his pockets on the fire escape in search of his key.
    • We had to root around a bit to find food first, but had good luck eventually.