Translation of root vegetable in Spanish:

root vegetable


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    raíz o tubérculo comestible como la zanahoria, el boniato etc
    • For the candied root vegetables: Divide vegetables by type into four separate saucepans and cover each with simple syrup.
    • If you'd like to extend the harvest of carrots, turnips and other root vegetables, leave some in the ground to mulch as the weather gets colder.
    • The most popular of all root vegetables (after potatoes) is the carrot, which represents 14% of vegetable sales at £31 million.
    • And I decided to bake the two remaining ones: baking is my favorite cooking method for root vegetables, it brings out their sweetness in a delightful way.
    • Each will convince you how healthy, light, and flavorful root vegetable dishes can be.
    • The winter and early spring diet comprised preserved pork, bread, beans, and root vegetables - filling, if monotonous.
    • Another convincing reason to grow beets, in contrast to such root vegetables as carrots or potatoes, is the speed at which they produce a crop.
    • Whether you prefer your beets as a root vegetable, a cooked green vegetable, or as an attractive addition to your salad mix, it's time to explore this nutritious, delicious and versatile crop.
    • The taro, an Asian root vegetable, imparted a purple glow to the cup and tasted like melted bubble gum ice cream - pleasant but very, very sweet.
    • Folic acid can be found in green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, nuts and pulses.
    • The onion rings were about as far removed from the original root vegetable as you can get.
    • Traditionally a mix of beef and root vegetables in a crusty shell, the pasty was easy for tin or copper miners to take along and eat on the go.
    • Trudy had taken all of the dried fruits and meats she could find at home, she also brought root vegetables with her like potatoes, beets and a few turnips.
    • Cassava, a hardy root vegetable, is drought-resistant, and will survive when other crops fail due to lack of rainfall.
    • There was time for more climbing and hiking in the summer, and then came canning, the root vegetable harvest, and weeks of chopping firewood for the winter.
    • I particularly like the taste of parsnips, but you could substitute other root vegetables (carrots, turnips, celery-root) or better yet, use a mix of several.
    • Buried in this dirt, which remained cool but didn't freeze in the winter - were potatoes, carrots, turnips, and other root vegetables.
    • Winter root vegetables contain several nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and vitamin C for the optimum function of the immune system.
    • We like it with root vegetables, especially potatoes, as well as summer squash.
    • Parsnips are root vegetables like carrots, but unlike carrots they do not resent being grown in soil that has been recently fertilised.