Translation of rope ladder in Spanish:

rope ladder

escalera de cuerda, n.


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    escalera de cuerda feminine
    escala de cuerda feminine
    escalera de soga feminine
    • They tossed me a rope ladder and shouted at me to climb up.
    • They followed Kinade to a rope ladder, then climbed down into a wooden boat manned by four oarsmen.
    • The figure then opened a window and threw a rope ladder out of it.
    • He broke a skylight, dropped a smoke canister into the room, to hide him from cameras, descended a rope ladder and grabbed the Cezanne.
    • Three men stole a ladder to break into the grounds of a mental hospital next to the prison, and then used a rope ladder to scale the 20 ft prison wall.
    • Then she grabbed the rope ladder that was hanging down and started to climb.
    • They dropped a rope ladder that fell with a flop all the way to the ground.
    • Her duties included being taken by pilot boat and climbing a rope ladder, often in stormy conditions, to any boat in the Barry Roads which had a suspected case of infectious disease.
    • The plane rolled to a stop and the crew dropped a knotted rope ladder.
    • This meant getting a line to Mr Davis and guiding him along the side of the vessel to the bunker door where we hoped to be able to manhandle him up into the vessel using a rope ladder.
    • Soon she saw an opening at the top of a rope ladder to the left of her.
    • Grace dashed to the rail and flung a rope ladder over the side.
    • A rope ladder was thrown over the edge and a person climbed down.
    • She made for the rope ladder and climbed back down.
    • She crouched down and began climbing on to the top rung of the rope ladder.
    • Chandra dropped down from the bottom rung of the rope ladder with a light thud.
    • The stunt shot required him to cling onto the rope ladder of a helicopter, which was to get airborne and fly off into the sunset as the final scene in the movie.
    • Captain Valentine quickly scaled down the rope ladder to the main deck, where he continued giving commands.
    • I decided to take my chances climbing up the rope ladder after wondering vaguely if it would hold my weight.
    • A rope ladder was strung between the two 30-metre tall trees, which were several metres apart.