Translation of rose-tinted in Spanish:


rosado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrəʊztɪntɪd//ˈroʊzˌtɪn(t)əd/


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    de color de rosa
    to see things through rose-tinted glasses / spectacles ver las cosas de color de rosa
    • Are the office-dwellers in the police hierarchy viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses?
    • Most of us see our childhoods, for instance, through rose-tinted glasses - golden days filled with laughter and fun.
    • The effect of this is to give the film a curiously sanitised glow, as if it has been shot with the rose-tinted lens of nostalgia.
    • But though Sheridan's view of his subject was clearly somewhat rose-tinted, it was not his hand that drafted the really flowery finishing touches to the Guerin character.
    • Reference to yesterday is nothing but a convenience held dear by writers too lazy to listen with open ears; memories are forever rose-tinted by circumstance, whatever their stand-alone merits.
    • Is it just rose-tinted memories of childhood summers or has the taste of the great English strawberry changed?
    • Crucially, however, it is not a rose-tinted look at proceedings and isn't flag-waving in the slightest, lending extra credibility to the whole affair - much like his decision to shoot in black and white.
    • She loved Ethan's hugs the most, apart from his ability to see the world through rose-tinted glasses but still manage to be serious about things that truly matter.
    • Even seen through rose-tinted glasses, the 1980s were a desolate musical place.
    • Along with the feel-good philosophy churned out by salt-of-the-earth types, all this culminates in a sense of life being viewed for a little too long through rose-tinted sunglasses.
    • With rose-tinted glasses, anything will look good but then we might also discover the sometimes hidden beauty is all around us.
    • Critics were quick to accuse Putnam of looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses, and ignoring exciting new forms of community.
    • It will justify leaving it in place by deploying rose-tinted spectacles to view the mid-term outlook for global equities and its own fund managers' future performance.
    • Martin's stint at education is inevitably seen through rose-tinted glasses in contrast to his current job, but contemporary accounts of his time there are unanimous in their praise of him.
    • Tempting though it may be to view the cozy quaintness of Ann and Abby through rose-tinted glasses, advice columnists have always been known for downright chutzpah.
    • The solution lies not in trying to recreate a system that is reminiscent of Enid Blyton through a rose-tinted lens, but in an approach that focuses on bringing out the best in its pupils, without the iron-rod of conformity.
    • And he set about raising the money for what is viewed as one of the most rose-tinted ventures in the entrepreneurial spectrum - a restaurant.
    • Sitting in your armchair and looking through rose-tinted glasses you see communism as only about ‘pay workers a fair wage.’
    • Don't go into the career with rose-tinted spectacles though.
    • In his otherwise rose-tinted Survey of Cornwall, Richard Carew reached the point where ‘we must also spare a room in this Survey to the poor’.