Translation of rosebud in Spanish:


capullo de rosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈroʊzˌbəd//ˈrəʊzbʌd/


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    capullo de rosa masculine
    pimpollo de rosa masculine
    • She had nearly perfect skin and a perfect rosebud mouth that I ached to kiss.
    • My oldest sister was named Rose because of her rosebud shaped lips and a slight birthmark that was on her forehead when she was born.
    • Her tiny rosebud of a mouth pursed worriedly, her brow creasing to match.
    • Despite the disastrous night prior, Devin still dwelt in a sublime state, mesmerised by tantalizing blue eyes and a rosebud mouth.
    • Her skin seemed flawless; her mouth like a perfect rosebud; her neck graceful as a swan.
    • Orange cake, white icing, pink lettering and rosebuds, green leaves - this is gonna be colorful.
    • The neckline, flared sleeves, and slim waistline were embroidered with pink rosebuds and leaves, and trimmed with silver.
    • And why, with his pale skin, long hair and tiny rosebud mouth, does he look like a girl?
    • I often think of myself as a browser in the winter garden, picking frost-sweetened greens for the dinner table, cutting budding branches for forcing, and hunting around for rosebuds and berries to fashion into winter bouquets.
    • Ma Ward or rose water is an extract of rosebuds from the central plains of the Dades Valley.
    • His collection is studded with minute and colorful representations of butterflies, shells, rosebuds and arrangements of fruit.
    • The woman was holding a baby, a rather plump, curly-haired baby with blond hair, large, round blue eyes and a rosebud mouth.
    • She opened her rosebud mouth and said, with a voice like leaves fluttering against cobbles, ‘Would you like to buy a hat?’
    • Her golden curls tumbled down to frame two clear blue eyes, a short, straight nose, and a rosebud mouth.
    • A few cloves or cinnamon stick pieces would be a nice addition, or some dried rosebuds and petals.
    • Gracie sits next to a rosebud and tree trunk, a poignant reminder of a life cut short.
    • Her nose was small and her mouth, a faint rosebud, was now open in surprise forming a small ‘O’.
    • David was standing over her, letting the petals of a cream-white rosebud caress Hildegarde's cheek.
    • Her features were fine; her soulful green eyes sparkled with excitement, and her rosebud mouth was turned up in an unconscious smile.
    • In one of my favorite chapters, on aging and beauty, Northrup uses the lovely analogy of moving from the rosebud stage to the full-blown rose and, finally, to the shiny red fruit of the rose.