Translation of rosette in Spanish:


escarapela, n.

Pronunciation /roʊˈzɛt//rə(ʊ)ˈzɛt/


  • 1

    (worn on lapel)
    escarapela feminine
    • During his five years at the chic restaurant in Gloucestershire he picked up a Michelin Star and four rosettes from the AA Restaurant Guide.
    • Antony Worrall Thompson who was demonstrating in the food hall later in the day was exhibiting his Middle White pigs for the first time and beginners luck was with him, for he was presented with a second prize rosette.
    • Rival candidates sought to display their strength by adorning the streets and their supporters with banners and rosettes.
    • By about midnight it became noticeable that those wearing Conservative rosettes looked a bit anxious.
    • The restaurant has three red rosettes in the AA Guide, and the cuisine is classical with modern influences.
    • He, too, was a champion, and his rosettes as well as his presence brightened the study where Mary Eccles spent much of her time.
    • Mr Wood, who visited Petrus and got involved in an argument with the staff, wanted the restaurant to be given only four rosettes describing it as an ‘expensive poseur's restaurant’.
    • Monday 7 May 1945: When I went downtown, all the shops had got their rosettes and tricoloured button-holes in the windows and men putting up lengths of little pennants and flags.
    • Another attraction at the Royal Show, also competing for rosettes and prize cards are over thirty pure breeds of poultry, exhibiting in the Poultry Marquee on the first three days of the show and followed by a poultry display on the fourth.
    • Their efforts were rewarded when, fifteen minutes later, Blossom took the blue rosette for ‘Best Jersey Heifer’.
    • The rosettes on the hips, pompons on the tail and puffs on the leg all reflect the frivolity of the French aristocracy, and have been kept by breeders who wish to preserve the dog's historic tradition.
    • So, I talked to the GIF officers and showed them my rosette.
    • Just a smattering of grooms and judges and the salmon-hatted wives of supermarket sponsors waiting to hand out rosettes watch with a wake-like reverence.
    • There was a pause as Jenelle came out and received her rosette.
    • The campaign strategy of the Tories, when not completely off the wall, shows a neurotic obsession with retaining the votes of a certain elderly constituency who would vote for anything with a blue rosette.
    • The prize was decorated with silk rosettes, fruit and small stuffed birds.
    • Anyway, she was friendly enough and let me linger in the corridor admiring the many rosettes she has won for her chickens.
    • I graciously accepted the rosette and belt buckle, thanking the ring steward as I rode out and the applause trickled down.
    • ‘It's been a great day for democracy,’ said one of Robinson's team as he adjusted his rosette.
    • Rosario's embroidered and ornamented sashes with ribbon rosettes for an imagined Miss Brazil, Miss Amazon and Miss France hang from standards nearby.
    • I even phoned up the AA guide to let them know about it and they have now given Malik's two rosettes.
  • 2

    (rose window)
    rosetón masculine
    • The inlay elements are symmetrically organized into three concentric bands of antithetical animal groups surrounding a central rosette.
    • Several of these pieces of furniture share characteristics of both groups, such as a hanging cupboard with grain-painted sides and a green front with yellow rosettes, and a grain-painted chest of drawers with rosettes.
    • The doorknobs' roses or rosettes are simply cast and machined brass discs with a ribbed outside border having a three-inch diameter, twice the size of the normal knob rose.
    • The elastic waistband has a decorative rosette and stretches easily.
    • Detail of the hexagon Charm quilt, shows the center rosette of the quilt.
    • Designed with a center emphasis, the fabrics are arranged in rings of hexagons, with four additional rosettes in the corners.
    • These night tables were often decorated with the characteristic Neapolitan rosettes highlighted with ivory inlay.
    • The coffin would probably have been painted possibly with rosettes signifying prosperity in the after-life.
    • The garlands are all bell-shaped, wooden-framed and covered in paper rosettes sewn into place.
    • By the next visit, the same cupcake was shipshape, standing proudly beneath its smooth buttercream rosettes and colored sprinkles, its size approaching that of a globe artichoke.
    • On the floor in the center is a dazzling blue sequin-filled rosette.
    • Pipe the butter into 24 rosettes onto a parchment-lined sheet pan and set aside in the refrigerator.
    • Nickel-finish conchas normally used to decorate Western wear form rosettes when they're anchored on leather circles and tied with turquoise leather thread.
    • But best of all was a chilled broth constructed around delicate slivers of Maine Peeky Toe crab and a green rosette of avocado.
    • For example, the dark blue triangles on the pink background of the rosettes are barely perceptible in the old photograph and may be missed entirely if the viewer is not aware of the value shift.
    • And the black dress on the right with the rosettes, it is beautiful!
    • It was perfect, with precise, even planes and a stamped-out whipped-cream rosette.
    • (I'm told that the rag rosette was Leah's touch to hid a coffee stain on the tee-shirt).
    • A rosette of chopped vegetables sat in the middle of the bowl, buried under a pedestal of fresh lobster, which collapsed back into the broth when you tweaked it with your spoon.
    • Decorate each rosette center with one gold seed bead.