Translation of rot in Spanish:


podredumbre, n.

Pronunciation: /rɑt//rɒt/


  • 1

    podredumbre feminine
    putrefacción feminine
    the rot set in las cosas empezaron a decaer / a venirse abajo
    • we must stop the rot hay que tomar medidas para cortar por lo sano
    • Sclerotinia crown and stem rot is a serious disease threat when seeding alfalfa and clovers in late summer.
    • Wines made from grapes affected by noble rot tend to have a particularly deep golden colour.
    • Seed rot and seedling diseases caused by Pythium spp. develop early in the season under cool temperatures and wet soil conditions.
    • The co-op's aim is to help customers protect against Phytophthora root rot and Rhizoctonia and give plants a better chance to emerge.
    • Sclerotinia stalk rot, the most significant sunflower disease in the United States, appears year in, year out, regardless of weather.
    • The tropical climates where T. cacao grows best are also perfect incubators for fungal diseases like black pod, witches' broom, and frosty pod rot.
    • Witches' broom and monilia pod rot are found only in Central and South America, and the new species of black pod is restricted to Africa.
    • Pod and stem blight and Phomopsis seed rot occur throughout Ohio, but are more prevalent in the southern and western regions of the state.
    • There was no evidence of any crown and root rot on plants examined during the October surveys.
    • As with wheat streak mosaic, we've had a few calls on crown rot causing partial stand loss.
    • That's because fungal diseases like witches broom and frosty pod rot are devastating cacao crops in Central and South America.
    • Charcoal rot is a fungal disease favored by hot, dry weather at this stage in crop development.
    • In central Nebraska, several fields are severely damaged by anthracnose stalk rot.
    • Puddles can create ideal conditions for diseases such as root rot, damping off and seedling blight.
    • Waiting 5 to 10 days after the fly-safe date ensures escape from fall infections of barley yellow dwarf and lessens the potential of root rot and early season foliar diseases.
    • The next challenge is that the noble rot will not attack all grapes at the same time.
    • Saturated soils also favor root rot of adult plants later in the season.
    • Such antagonism may also protect the corn plant from the E verticillioides disease, stalk rot.
    • The main problem is Rhizoctonia root rot, with heat canker also being reported in some areas.
    • Bacterial stalk rot can affect the plant at any node from the soil surface up to the ear leaves and tassels.
  • 2Britishinformal

    (feminine plural) tonterías
    (feminine plural) paparruchas informal
    • In our school, you're not allowed to climb trees - liabilities and all that rot.
    • The argument is rot; whenever a publisher lets the authorities bully a journalist in their employ, it puts a chill on the entire business of reporting freely.
    • The production's claim to introduce ‘logical coherence’ is a lot of rot.
    • In the hands of lesser songsmiths, such lines would inevitably sound like so much rot, but Gough has a peculiar charm about him that gradually disarms the jaded listener.
    • The liner notes talk about his adaptation of ‘twelve-tone technique’ to tonality, but this is rot, in my opinion.
    • Superstitions were all very well and good if you believed in that kind of thing, from fortune telling to dreams that seemed to foretell the future, but in his opinion, it was all rot.
    • I don't know anything about any curse, it sounds like a lot of contrived rot to me.
    • They say it's to incite a new nationalistic spirit or some such rot.
    • You've just been in terrible trouble for saying that feminism is all rot and that it went off in the wrong direction.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (flesh/plant) pudrirse
    to rot away pudrirse
    • to rot down descomponerse
    • to rot in jail pudrirse en la cárcel
    • she was rotting (away) in a dead-end job se estaba pudriendo en un trabajo sin futuro

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tree/wood) pudrir
    sugar rots the teeth el azúcar pica / caria los dientes