Translation of rotary in Spanish:


rotatorio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrəʊt(ə)ri//ˈroʊdəri/


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    (motion/movement) rotatorio
    (motion/movement) rotativo
    (mower) rotatorio
    • The sole clearly shows the regularly spaced, parallel tool marks of a powered rotary planer.
    • A rotary dial switch instead of the momentary-contact one used would be a cheap way for it to remember the setting you preferred.
    • We've gone from having local farmers help out with labeling by hand to running automated labeling machines and high-speed rotary mold machines.
    • There were mechanical, rotary dial types and these were pretty good as you could set almost any time very quickly.
    • After passage through glass fiber filter paper, the filtrate was concentrated using a rotary vacuum evaporator.
    • Sidel builds machinery for aseptic packaging of plastic bottles, with a focus on high-speed rotary machines.
    • The coil is connected to the main tube by a rotary valve and converts the trombone into a bass in F.
    • This is particularly true of rotary combines that operate better at full load.
    • Back in the 1940s, when the area code system was designed, there was no such thing as a touch-tone phone - all telephones operated via rotary dialing pulse operation.
    • These are potentiometers that operate in a linear direction as opposed to a rotary direction.
    • You may recall that rotary joysticks have handles that rotate to 12 different positions, designed for aiming in certain games.
    • If it had a USB port, there would be a lot of money to be made by selling a plug-in rotary dial unit to operate the thing properly.
    • A compact utility room houses a shower, hand basin and toilet together with commercial laundry machines and a rotary iron.
    • No mention is made of rotary motion from the elbow or lateral movement from the wrist.
    • Dozens of cultivation tools are at the organic producer's disposal, he added, from rotary hoes to new machines that simply vibrate soil to uproot newly sprouted weeds.
    • The back and forth movement of each piston was translated into rotary motion by a crank shaft.
    • Ground speed with a rotary hoe should usually be between 8 and 12 mph, and the hoe tips should penetrate deep enough to go through any crust that has formed.
    • For maximum effectiveness, a rotary hoe should be used when weeds are in the ‘white stage ‘, or just emerging from the soil.’
    • After a short while, in fact several times a day, he has to resharpen the chisels on a rotary grinding wheel he's acquired.
    • It packs motorized faders, multifunction rotary encoders and a host of keys.
    • Ellison's most recent expansion provided the company with some additional equipment including a computer controlled wire-cut machine and a rotary molder.
    • Thankfully, these rotary engines show no protest whatsoever when you do work them hard.
    • Publishing used to be a very mechanical industry: trays of metal type, huge Linotype type-casting machines weighing a tonne or so each, gigantic rotary printing machines, and so on.

nounPlural rotaries

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    máquina rotatoria feminine
    • His RX-7 made it a solid top four filled with rotaries.
    • On the downside, mulching mowers work less well on wet or overly tall grass compared with nonmulching rotaries, and the cutting blade must be sharp.
    • She looked rather lost unused to choosing between an electric hover or a self-propelling rotary.
    • True, it doesn't get as close as the rotaries, but it gets more hair without making my neck as irritated.
    • The problem is that rotaries have a dipsomaniacal thirst for petrol and oil and produce most of their power at high revs.
    • My experiences with Mazda rotaries has left me an ardent enthusiast of the engine for life.
    • They were bringing in legislation to ban any cars delivering more than 95 dBA and the early race trim rotaries were producing 112 dBA.
    • Let us look a little at what the auto manufacturer has done, other than winning Le Mans with its rotaries about 12 years ago.
    • An agricultural chemical dealer in the Hingurakgoda area had about 600 small tractors and tractor rotaries, all of which had been pawned.
    • By learning from the faults of previous large out-front turf rotaries and increasing engine horsepower, this unit has performed very well for many courses.
    • Past rotaries demonstrated questionable reliability, high fuel consumption and difficulty meeting emissions standards.
    • My favourites are still the RX7 rotaries, which give magnificent flameouts and backfires from the exhaust when the drivers lift their foot off the accelerator.
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    (traffic circle)
    rotonda feminine
    glorieta feminine
    • On rotaries, the only road signs you see are the ones you've just missed.
    • As usual, the Fresh Pond rotaries were at a standstill.