Translation of rotation in Spanish:


rotación, n.

Pronunciation /roʊˈteɪʃ(ə)n//rə(ʊ)ˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


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    rotación feminine
    • When we deal with a quantitative thing like rotations in pirouettes, that's fairly simple.
    • The rest of the station's ‘gravity’ is merely centripetal force from its rotation.
    • Proper time for an ordinary mechanical clock is recorded by the number of rotations of the hands of the clock.
    • He'd been in the garden many times, but only to practice setting the solar panels for optimum output at peak hours during the rotation of planet, sun and station.
    • Venus does have a very slow rotation: one day/night period takes 117 Earth days, but the cloud whizzes round in just four, and scientists so far have no explanation for it.
    • To determine the extent of their external rotation, dancers should stand in first position with straight knees and no rolling over.
    • The volumetric elements are built up of large triangular planes that twist, giving the whole work a jagged sense of rotation.
    • The earth moves around the sun in an orbit that is nearly a circle, and the axis of rotation of the earth maintains an effectively fixed direction.
    • It'll take about 5-6 rotations counterclockwise to loosen the screws enough to remove the back panel.
    • Manipulating it is simple enough thanks to an orb capable of 2D movement, zooming and rotation on both axes.
    • He discovered the rotation of the earth on its axis and found in this the causes of day and night.
    • The ship slowly began its rotation to meet the triangle as the man turned and retreated back down the ramp.
    • The tire being still in rotation, I applied more weight to the front now, and down we came towards the ground, utterly clearing the wall.
    • It is built around the idea of rotation, an elemental movement shared by wheels, the Earth, steering wheels and wind turbines.
    • With the motion and rotation of Earth, the coordinates dance all around in a strange mess that is extremely difficult to untangle.
    • In fact, the panels are modular and there is only one layout of folds, with variation introduced by random rotation.
    • Loop as movement presupposes joint rotation between here and there, up and down, edge and center.
    • The base is equipped with three omni-wheels with independent control of rotation that allow movement in any direction.
    • This joint allows rotation to accommodate movement due to thermal expansion of the arches.
    • Its chambers and tunnel will allow visitors to perceive the earth's rotation and its changing alignments with the stars.
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    rotación feminine
    the rotation of crops la rotación de cultivos
    • rotation in office rotación en el cargo
    • we deal with the calls in strict rotation atendemos las llamadas por estricto orden de llegada
    • Winger's indecision faded as the klaxon went off, signaling shift rotation, and he bolted into action.
    • She would get 1 and half weeks off of training and then be in regular rotation.
    • The Treaty of Nice provided that before the union's membership reached 27 members a decision would be taken on a smaller commission, based on equal rotation among the member states.
    • Four bishops of the Church of Ireland, serving in rotation, also entered the Lords.
    • During the first two years of the course, we'll do dissection weekly and living anatomy frequently: in the third year, on clinical rotation, we'll still be coming back into the DR to look at specific organs.
    • Therefore rotation of tasks was feasible, and would prevent a status hierarchy developing on the basis of specialised roles.
    • The stands were always filled whenever it was your turn on the rotation.
    • Their substantial independence threatened republican tradition with its corporate government and brief periods of high office for individuals in rotation.
    • There are occasions where there are two Bards sharing the telling in rotation, enabling an even more embellished tale to be told.
    • Gurkha battalions have been stationed there in rotation for the past twenty-five years.
    • The two pieces are now joined together and are held in turn by each museum on a three year rotation.
    • Any one set may be in play for more than one turn in rotation between the players.
    • For successful implementation over time, the core team necessarily must expand, yet excessive rotation of new members early on may diminish success.
    • If there are more than two players, they take turns in clockwise rotation, beginning with the player to dealer's left.
    • The leading seaman in each mess was called ‘the caterer’ and he chose ‘the cook-of-the-day’, a job that went by rotation.
    • After Tito's death, the presidency was shared between the states in rotation.
    • They must now live with the fact that from 2014 the Commission will be cut from 25 to 18, with each country taking a turn in rotation.
    • The President of the European Council will now serve for two-and-a-half years, replacing the current six-monthly rotation.
    • Regular rotation of committee members assures a continuous source of new ideas and perspectives.