Translation of rotter in Spanish:


asqueroso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɑdər//ˈrɒtə/


informal, dated

  • 1

    asqueroso masculine informal
    asquerosa feminine informal
    sinvergüenza feminine
    • He was the rotter who sometimes got ahead of me in the Covent Garden gallery queue and took over what I thought of as my seat on the centre gangway of the front row.
    • The party-pooping rotters have now left local children in tears at the prospect of facing Christmas without their favourite novelty garden decoration.
    • The dueling scene where we go from hating the rotter to feeling pity for him to hating him again when he finds a way to screw Casanova over was masterly.
    • Just as the FBI has its ‘most wanted’ list of criminals, American women have their own ‘most dastardly’ list of unfaithful rotters and cheats.
    • No soap is without its stock rotter, this one appearing in the guise of a male chauvinist pig.