Translation of rotund in Spanish:


redondeado, adj.

Pronunciation /rə(ʊ)ˈtʌnd//roʊˈtənd/


  • 1formal

    • The nascent temperance movement, too, is suggested by the rotund whiskey jug placed prominently in the foreground.
    • Serving pots for coffee retained the tall tapered look of their Arab counterparts, while tea pots retained the squat, rotund shape initially seen in China.
    • The approached a strange formation in the side of the cliff: a large, rotund tunnel dug deep into the side of the mountain.
  • 2euphemistic, humorous

    • The rotund man left the railing to rush down a set of stairs leading to the main deck until he stood toe to toe with the much smaller Bard.
    • Not waiting for the guard to finish, Mel ran towards the sickroom, with the stuttering guard and rotund matron trailing behind.
    • He was, as predicted, both grumpy and enormously rotund - so fat, in fact, that the cameraman had to give serious thought as to how to shoot him.
    • After about an hour, I think I hear one of the receptionists, a rotund lady with bushy red hair, call out my name.
    • They entered, and a small, rotund man stood up and greeted them.
    • The population there is much different, filled with gloriously rotund men and women, fat beyond belief.
    • The rotund and lawyerlike Taft did not enjoy a happy presidency.
    • A short and rotund figure waddled onto the stage.
    • And just for good measure, he is given distinct abilities from his shorter, rotund brother.
    • Just as she reached the stairs to enter the house, an ugly gelding cantered to a stop and the rotund rider ungracefully dismounted.
    • He was a small, rotund old man, but he knew his trade well.
    • They didn't even look like they would support her rotund body.
    • He has often been called the king of the slow burn, the incremental building up of rage until his entire rotund body explodes in anger.
    • The four youngest were rotund and grimy like their parents.
    • Armstrong whirled around and saw a rotund man with a large cigar and a beard come storming across the bridge.
    • Despite his rotund appearance, the professor was physically fit to the point of being rather scary and unnatural in his movements.
    • Two beady eyes set too far apart regarded them lifelessly, head cocked to the side to expose what little neck the rotund man had.
    • Her rotund frame was crowded onto a porch swing, her naturally white hair colored, poorly, I might add, red.
    • A bit rotund, she seemed very centered on her relatively small pillow.
    • The rotund woman compressed her lips, ‘Secrets must not be shared.’