Translation of rough-hewn in Spanish:


toscamente labrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌrəfˈhjun/



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    toscamente labrado
    • Stark and tattered around the edges, it was the quintessential diamond-in-the-rough debut, but its very rough-hewn nature made it so vibrant.
    • These are rough-hewn musicians, concerned less with their appearance than their art, for what else explains the many odd fashion choices and un-coiffed hair.
    • Chris uses the rough hewn descriptive quality of stencils to depict scenes from an urban upbringing in Baltimore.
    • That said, the interior of the Orpheum Lofts is not without a rough-hewn charm.
    • He accomplishes miracles on this CD, producing a sound of rough-hewn beauty.
    • I'm very taken with Daniel Craig's craggy, rough-hewn portrayal in the film.
    • Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart provide a virile, rough hewn soundtrack that gives the film an aural authority it barely deserves.
    • Like its fellow vintage guru predecessors, the record swells with analog warmth, mediating each instrument through its raw, rough hewn reel-to-reel median.
    • He was a heartfelt romantic who delivered his message in a rough-hewn vernacular.
    • Around him ranged three others, all rough-hewn street-fighter types and native Dalreedhites.
    • This explains the somewhat rough hewn, fetchingly casual nature of his analyses of the game at certain key stages.
    • The saxophonist plays with a churning, agitated energy whose tone is abrasive and rough-hewn.
    • The working class, especially the immigrant generation, was rough-hewn.
    • Soaring plume prices coupled with a poverty-stricken, rough-hewn populace contributed to a true ‘tragedy of the commons.’
    • He is teaching the rough-hewn and poor kids of London's East End, in a school that is considered a dead end for both students and teachers.
    • Her rough-hewn charisma brought in a steady flow of revenue to fund the organizations she created, which were run by members of her immediate family.
    • The authorities may well have objected to Rembrandt's characterization of the heroic ancestors of the Dutch as rough-hewn conspirators pledging a sword oath to their half-blind leader.
    • The Dutch will just have to make do with rough-hewn success.
    • Soderbergh uses three non-professionals, each with remarkable screen presence and roughhewn beauty, to enact an unlikely love triangle/sociological study.
    • Part aristocrat and part rough-hewn soldier, Jackson represented a new kind of politics and a new conception of the presidency.
    • We believe in the rough-hewn wisdom of this ancient woodsman.
    • What the brawny actor lacks in emotive range, he more than makes up for with an appealing, roughhewn charisma.
    • Yet it is exactly the rough-hewn side of politics that makes candidates worth watching.
    • Still, I found it rough-hewn, lacking in nuance, plowing right through the music without a natural flow.
    • At first appearances the book may seem rough-hewn.
    • Any rough-hewn edges that may have beset a younger Daniel Johns have clearly been filed away, softening the blow.