Translation of roughen in Spanish:


poner áspero, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrʌf(ə)n//ˈrəfən/

transitive verb

  • 1

    poner áspero
    roughen both surfaces before applying the adhesive raspar ambas superficies antes de aplicar el pegamento
    • Ian blushed and looked awkwardly to his hands, roughened by work.
    • Other equipment like discs and harrows can be used to roughen the texture of the soil on a slope.
    • As the disease progresses, the cartilage that protects the bone becomes roughened, then thins and wears away.
    • The coarser the powder, the more the grains roughen up the surface for more of a textured finish.
    • If the tube is salvageable cut one of the patches to the size required and lightly roughen the area where the patch is to be installed with a bit of sand paper.
    • I've heard mixed feedback regarding the use of a mild acid wash to roughen up or etch the surface and create more traction.
    • Etching the parts roughens the surface for better mechanical adhesion of the EN to the magnesium.
    • Apply a thickening/volumizing product to the root area to roughen the hair's texture there, which will make styling easier.
    • He was clean shaven, only a few small whiskers roughened his otherwise smooth chin.
    • Again its a case of getting these young guys to look a bit scarier and to shorten and roughen up their songs.
    • Drain the potatoes well, then use a fork to roughen the outside of each potato to make the crunchy crust.
    • Greer came over to him, concerned, checking the man's pulse as his breathing roughened.
    • His face was roughened by days outdoors in the chill spring, his hair more unruly than ever.
    • As the surfaces roughen, inflammation and the number of bleeds can increase.
    • Prepare your work site by cleaning the old concrete and then roughening it up with a stiff wire brush.
    • The laboratory work often takes a week or two so, while the veneer is being made, you may have a slightly roughened, sensitive tooth.
    • The infected seed has purple to brown discoloration and the seed coat may be roughened and cracked.
    • Virginia's voice had roughened to an angry growl.
    • ‘Hey,’ he said, quietly, and his voice was cracked, warped and roughened by sleep.
    • I then used some 180 grit sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the plexi to create the desired effect.

intransitive verb

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    (surface/hands) ponerse áspero
    their skin had roughened through exposure to the sun tenían el cutis curtido por el sol