Translation of round in Spanish:


redondo, adj.

Pronunciation /raʊnd//raʊnd/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (circular) redondo
      (face/eyes) redondo
      round arch arco de medio punto masculine
      • round tower torre circular
      • The circle, on a hilltop setting, is nearly perfectly round, with a diameter of 33 m.
      • It is also a town with an impressive heritage - an ancient church and round tower and a large enclosed medieval castle, some of which has been re-roofed.
      • Without really thinking about it, she drew a huge, round circle on the page.
      • Each door has a small round window and on the walls hang life buoys.
      • Blake was sitting at one of the round tables, staring into thin air.
      • Marie was sitting at one of the small round tables surrounding the dance floor.
      • The Emperor Augustus had built a round shrine in front of it to put a Roman hallmark on Greece.
      • He saluted and adjusted his large round wire rimmed glasses.
      • The 40 rooms are small round huts with thatched roofs rising to a central spire.
      • He takes off his small round glasses, wipes away the mist.
      • A small round table at one end and a book stand next to it.
      • Ebony woke to see the morning sun light just coming through the small round window.
      • A faint light shone from the small round window on the door.
      • A small " perfectly round hole " was found in the glass, which was crazed.
      • His eyes look huge behind those rosy round spectacles.
      • She had large, round gold earrings that she always wore.
      • In front of the fireplace sat a round card table, covered by a green cloth, and flanked by four plush, green leather upholstered wingback chairs.
      • I read each label on the round cylinders and the vials within.
      • I could see the fear etched across her small round face.
      • In the center was a perfectly round hole, also three-quarters of an inch.

    • 1.2(spherical)

      • Some dolls had cloth bodies with a small round gourd, acorn, or apple for a head.
      • Tidily stacked on the shelves are round cabbages, stripped of their rough outer leaves, and a basket of glossy apples; bright seemly rotundities.
      • Her words rise toward the surface in bright, round bubbles.
      • Then suddenly, he pulled the pinchers out, and in their serrated grasp was a perfectly round lead musket ball.
      • As it opened a small round object rolled out of it.
      • Baseball is more than round balls and base runs; it can also involve branding, design, and typography.
      • It was round and spherical, with a deep groove on one side.
      • He reached into his pocket and brought forth a small round sphere.
      • Elizabeth reached her arm out of the shop door and picked up a heavy, round stone.
      • That day I had worn this thick cotton quilted coat and pants that my mother had made me, and I looked like a round snowball.
      • Slowly people left, and just as slowly the park darkened and the quaint round lanterns set around the circle flickered into life.
      • I mean, melons come in all shapes and sizes - are we talking about little round gala melons or bloody big watermelons here?

    • 1.3(not angular)

      (corner) curvo
      she has very round shoulders es muy encorvada
      • Why are rocks found near rivers mostly smooth and round?
      • A large, round, smooth rock protruded suddenly a few feet past a break in the forest.
      • The catalyst comprises a support containing palladium and silver and having a uniformly round external surface.
      • I felt my hand being pressed against a smooth, round mound.

  • 2

    (number) redondo
    let's bring it up to a round 50 digamos 50 para redondear
    • she's inherited a nice round sum ha heredado una buena cantidad de dinero
    • We could easily have taken more - but I wanted a nice, round number.
    • However other American railways used different gauges. 4 foot 10 inches was popular, and in the South a round 5 foot was often used.
    • The store manager saw on the daily transaction report that something was wrong, because it displayed an odd dollar amount rather than a round multiple of 20.
    • However, for the purposes of argument, let's stick with a million as a nice round figure.
    • Do you think the company could string things out long enough for the fine to reach a nice, round billion dollars?
    • Can you put a round figure on the kind of government investment you're going to need to get this up and running?
    • They were confused by our round sum of $25,000,000.
  • 3

    • 3.1Linguistics

      (vowel) redondeado
      • He speaks this language like every other American, with a deep round voice that seems to come from somewhere below his knees.
      • ‘I always like champagne in the afternoon,’ he informed me in his rich round voice.
      • She spoke without any apparent accent, in a round voice filled with soft vowels and smooth consonants.

    • 3.2(sonorous)



  • 1

    círculo masculine
    redondel masculine
    redondela feminine Peru Chile
    theater in the round teatro circular masculine
  • 2

    serie feminine
    the latest round of tax cuts la última serie de recortes impositivos
    • one long round of problems una larga serie / sucesión de problemas
    • round of talks ronda de conversaciones
    • the daily round el día a día
    • the daily round of meetings and phone calls la rutina diaria de reuniones y llamadas telefónicas
  • 3

    a round of applause un aplauso
    • let's have a round of applause for ... un aplauso para ...
    • she got a huge round of applause recibió un gran aplauso / una gran ovación
  • 4

    (of tournament, quiz)
    vuelta feminine
    the second round la segunda vuelta / eliminatoria
  • 5

    (in boxing, wrestling) round masculine
    (in boxing, wrestling) asalto masculine
    (in golf) vuelta feminine
    (in golf) recorrido masculine
    (in showjumping) recorrido masculine
    he managed a clear round hizo un recorrido sin faltas
  • 6

    (in card games)
    (hand) mano feminine
    (game) partida feminine
  • 7

    (of visits)
    the doctor is off making his rounds / is on his rounds at the moment el doctor está haciendo visitas a domicilio / visitando pacientes en este momento
    • the nurse does her round of the wards at midday la enfermera hace la ronda de las salas a mediodía
    • we had to make / do / go the rounds of all the relatives tuvimos que ir de visita a casa de todos los parientes
    • his manuscript has made / done / gone the rounds of most of the publishers in town su manuscrito ha circulado por la mayoría de las editoriales de la ciudad
  • 8

    (of watchman) ronda feminine
    (of postman, milkman) recorrido masculine British
    he's doing his paper round está haciendo el reparto de periódicos
  • 9

    (of drinks)
    ronda feminine
    vuelta feminine
    tanda feminine Colombia Mexico
    this is my round esta ronda / vuelta la pago yo
    • it's your round te toca a ti invitar
  • 10

    (shot) disparo masculine
    (bullet) bala feminine
    they fired ten rounds into the car dispararon diez veces sobre el coche
    • he only had two rounds of ammunition left solo le quedaban dos balas (/ cartuchos etc. )
  • 11

    (cut of meat)

    corte de carne del cuarto trasero

  • 12British

    (of bread)
    a round of toast una tostada
    • a round of sandwiches un sándwich
  • 13

    canon masculine
  • 14also round dance

    danza que se baila en corro

transitive verb

  • 1

    (go around)
    (corner) doblar
    (corner) dar la vuelta a
  • 2

    (make round)
    (corner/edge) redondear
  • 3

    (number) redondear



  • 1

    (in a circle)
    we walked all the way round dimos toda la vuelta
    • they ran round and round dieron vueltas y vueltas corriendo
    • all year round durante todo el año
  • 2

    (so as to face in different direction)
    the wind veered round el viento cambió de dirección
  • 3

    (on all sides)
    everyone crowded round todo el mundo se apiñó alrededor
  • 4

    (from one place, person to another)
    we went inside and had a look round entramos y echamos un vistazo
    • the curator took us round el conservador nos mostró / nos enseñó el museo (/ la colección etc. )
    • a list was handed round se hizo circular una lista
    • I phoned round to find a cheaper flight hice unas cuantas llamadas tratando de encontrar un pasaje más barato
    • she prefers to travel round on her own prefiere viajar sola
  • 5

    (at, to different place)
    I expect she's round at Ed's supongo que estará en casa de Ed
    • we dashed round to the bank fuimos corriendo al banco
    • he brought his girlfriend round trajo a su novia
    • we're having friends round for a meal hemos invitado a unos amigos a comer
  • 6

    all round (for everybody) a todos
    • their team was better all round su equipo era mejor en todos los sentidos
    • congratulations all round! ¡felicitaciones a todos!
    • he bought drinks all round compró bebidas para todos



  • 1

    alrededor de
    they built a wall round the garden construyeron un muro alrededor del jardín
    • the wall round the garden el muro que rodea el jardín
    • round the corner a la vuelta (de la esquina)
  • 2

    (in the vicinity of)
    cerca de
    en los alrededores de
    there are several antique shops round the canal cerca / en los alrededores del canal hay varios anticuarios
    • she lives round here vive por aquí
    • round about 5 o'clock alrededor de las cinco
  • 3

    (within, through)
    he does odd jobs round the house hace arreglitos en la casa
    • we had a look round the old town dimos una vuelta por el casco viejo de la ciudad
    • she spent six months cycling round Ireland pasó seis meses viajando en bicicleta por Irlanda