• 1

    círculo masculine
    redondel masculine
    redondela feminine Peru Chile
    theater in the round teatro circular masculine
    • We started with the meat patty, as that was a simple round.
    • Wendy had bowls and soup spoons laid out, and gracing the center of the table was a large round of crusty bread, still warm from the oven.
    • We rolled the huge rounds into the old wood shed.
    • All meals are accompanied with large rounds of flat bread.
    • Working carefully, I slid a thin knife under the wax rounds, popping them off in one piece.
    • I smiled and put a dozen hot kugel tarts, dense rounds of potato and salt and oil, to drain on a paper towel near her.
    • Cannon says they were developed for adults to either snack on right out of the bag or use on a party tray with crackers or small bread rounds.
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    • 2.1(series)

      serie feminine
      the latest round of tax cuts la última serie de recortes impositivos
      • one long round of problems una larga serie / sucesión de problemas
      • round of talks ronda de conversaciones
      • the daily round el día a día
      • the daily round of meetings and phone calls la rutina diaria de reuniones y llamadas telefónicas
      • Even more to the point, it makes you wonder how on earth it got past the usual film-industry round of development meetings and off the ground.
      • His first move will be to inject energy into the round of global trade negotiations that was launched last November in Doha, Qatar.
      • It comes on the heels of a successful November launch of a new round of global trade talks.
      • Australia and Singapore have begun a second round of bilateral trade talks in Canberra, and are aiming to sign a free trade pact by the end of the year.
      • The talks will be this year's third round of negotiations, and the 11 th overall.
      • The six nations agreed to hold the next round of talks in early November in Beijing.
      • In a second round of personal interviews, participants recalled critical incidents of using information from the Web.
      • Mandela believed agreement would be reached in the next, final round of negotiations in July.
      • A new round of global trade negotiations is moving closer to being launched, as the six-day ministerial meeting in Doha draws to a close.
      • The senior officials have so far held three rounds of preparatory meetings this year.
      • Individual politicians can never be held responsible for falling policies, due to the endless rounds of talks that precede decisions in which all parties, more or less have to agree in the end.
      • They held a third round of talks in Beijing last week.
      • Investment in education in general, and in particular school education would play a vital role in the next round of development.

    • 2.2(burst)

      a round of applause un aplauso
      • let's have a round of applause for … un aplauso para …
      • she got a huge round of applause la aplaudieron mucho

  • 3

    • 3.1Games Sport
      (of tournament, quiz)

      vuelta feminine
      the second round la segunda vuelta / eliminatoria
      • Shelbourne is the first Irish league team to reach the final qualifying round since the beginning of the competition.
      • The competition consists of three rounds: preliminary, semi-final and final.
      • Town's passage follows that of Harrogate Railway Athletic, who also reached the third qualifying round 24 hours earlier.
      • It had been rather emotional for those groups that were eliminated in the second round.
      • The women went into Sunday's playoff round pleased with their overall play.
      • As mentioned last week, we still don't have a clear third place winner for this round of the contest.
      • In 2002 they reached the fourth round of the qualifiers against Kerry, and felt like they had finally arrived.
      • The tournament will have five rounds, one on the Thursday evening, two on the Friday (morning and evening), one on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.
      • Up to eighteen pianists will advance to the semifinal round, where each will present a program of no more than twenty minutes.
      • The first time he entered, he was eliminated after the first round.
      • In the first round of the play-offs they faced the Oakland Athletics.
      • After that, we'll play in the first round of the conference tournament.
      • The Warriors will face the host team from York this morning before moving on to tomorrow's elimination round.
      • We feel sure that we've made it into the next round of the competition.
      • I didn't get past the second round so my last song was never performed.
      • But all the same, it was a win and it guaranteed Wilson a spot in the next round.
      • As many as twenty six rounds of negotiations were held between the Akali Dal and the government.
      • This is the first round where the contestants are partnerless.
      • Five ‘semi-finalists’ were chosen to move into the second round of the demolition derby.

    • 3.2Games Sport

      (in boxing, wrestling) round masculine
      (in boxing, wrestling) asalto masculine
      (in golf) vuelta feminine
      (in golf) recorrido masculine
      (in showjumping) recorrido masculine
      he managed a clear round hizo un recorrido sin faltas
      • So much business has been conducted over a round of golf that it's almost cliche.
      • But he is also described as a ‘personable’ guy who enjoys a round of golf and a drink.
      • A horse riding excursion through the New Forest can also be arranged as can a round of golf on the nine-hole course or on one of the ten nearby courses.
      • It's perfect for kids - or kids at heart who don't have time to play a full 18-hole round.
      • I like to play a round of golf, to potter around the garden, and visit markets.
      • The Scot began yesterday's round with a par that gave no indication of what was to come.
      • They just showed up once a quarter for a round of golf and a casual perusal of the books.
      • Brennan said that while most GPs like to think they are not being influenced, the reality was that a meal or a round of golf did influence their choices.
      • He looked tattered and damp, as if he'd just done ten rounds of mud wrestling.
      • One weekend, a group of friends decide that they aren't going to play the usual round of golf.
      • Anyone who has played a round of golf will know how delays can frustrate anyone's best day on the links.
      • We play the last round of the reunion tour golf championship.
      • The lead seesawed between the two of them for much of the round, before John went ahead to stay after the 16th hole of the round.
      • He had been to the club, got in a round of golf, had an excellent buffet breakfast, and then headed home.
      • In certain instances students met with their industry mentors while playing a round of golf.
      • Worse than that is when Taylor prevents the timekeeper from ending the round during the big fight.
      • I won one of the rounds, but she outscored me in the end.
      • A round of gold at Erinvale Golf Course, at the foothills of the Helderberg Mountains, is unmissable.
      • They will play four rounds of golf in one day.
      • Although he was about to turn 90, he looked trim and fit and boasted he had just returned from a robust round of golf at a nearby course.
      • The Old Head is one of the most expensive courses in Ireland: green fees are €250 for a round of golf.
      • The trips involved an overnight stay, a meal and a round of golf.
      • Once the round of golf is over, the brothers can relax in the hotel's leisure complex.
      • Haley and I sat on the swings, while Chad and Dominic continued their tiebreaker round of wrestling.
      • He and Jones knew each other from way back and had fought some close rounds as amateurs.

    • 3.3Games Sport
      (in card games)

      (hand) mano feminine
      (game) partida feminine

  • 4

    • 4.1(of visits)

      the doctor is off making his rounds / (British) is on his rounds at the moment el doctor está haciendo visitas a domicilio / visitando pacientes en este momento
      • the nurse does her round of the wards at midday la enfermera hace la ronda de las salas a mediodía
      • we had to make / (British) do / go the rounds of all the relatives tuvimos que ir de visita a casa de todos los parientes
      • his manuscript has made / (British) done / gone the rounds of most of the publishers in town su manuscrito ha circulado por la mayoría de las editoriales de la ciudad
      • Intrigued, and in no particular rush I decided to talk to her before making my rounds of the town.
      • The patrollers generally made their rounds at night, with their activity and regularity differing according to time and place.
      • From there it was easy sneaking past the random guards making their rounds through the mansion.
      • For Dom, Kodak's capitulation proved to be the start of a busy round of newspaper and TV interviews for the IT contractor.
      • He's been doing the rounds of the newspapers portraying himself as the victim of press intrusion into his private life, and discoursing on identity and being proud to be English.
      • An energetic round of theatre visits kept her in touch with the latest in dramatic writing and performance.
      • I made the rounds of the cabin to see if any of the guys wanted to come with me and Dutchie.
      • His first night on the job the old night watchman gives him a tour, showing Martin the rounds he must make.
      • Many roads were damaged and the waste trucks were having a hard time making their rounds.
      • When he was 20, Lewis made the rounds of Nashville's country career-makers.
      • He had put everything away in cupboards and drawers and he had not been back since the cleaning staff had made their rounds.
      • They had slipped away for a week in the Lake District, made the rounds of London society arm in arm.
      • In fact, the officer classes seem to have been engaged in a constant round of visits.
      • Rather than have a separate sales staff, Sun's 12,000 sales reps also will sell software on their rounds.
      • As he did his rounds, he was enjoined to try a piece of pie here, have some cider there, some roast meat, some cake.
      • Passing from room to room through a volley of slaps on the back, friendly kisses and a beer or two he did the rounds, drinking with friends and hiding from his family.
      • He is making the rounds of all the mystery conventions, taking bows for his long and prosperous career, which may be winding down a bit after all these years.
      • I made the rounds visiting all my friends and the new exhibit of the Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse Collection.
      • Guards patrolled the floor around the grate, one of them made his round through the grate-lifting room, checking it frequently.
      • Sara made the rounds of a few of the commands around the perimeter of the valley, attending to last-minute details.

    • 4.2

      (of watchman) ronda feminine
      (of postman, milkman) recorrido masculine British
      he's doing his paper round está haciendo el reparto de periódicos
      • The doctor is on his rounds now, and he can't waste any time.
      • A local delivery driver tells the Graun that he's had to be towed out of the area three times in two weeks, and now keeps the engine running when he's on his rounds.
      • For as long as I could remember Doc Harris had been making his rounds in his trap with Lady, the grey mare.
      • The other flight attendants continued making their rounds.
      • The residence staff does sick rounds at six thirty, and the breakfast bell rings at seven.
      • The jingle of keys rings out as the guard makes his rounds.
      • When on his rounds in the African hospital, he had been known to look at some minor injury to a hand or foot and then utter the dread words, ‘That will have to come off!’
      • Katherine forced herself to move and continue on her rounds, encouraging tired and listless men.
      • Her own father was a local doctor who would take her with him on his rounds.
      • That might include a doctor who takes her Tablet PC along for her morning rounds, an insurance agent, or even a package delivery person.
      • She glanced up and down the hallway, checking for night nurses making their rounds.
      • My very first job was doing a bread delivery round for the Co-op for six months.

  • 5

    (of drinks)
    ronda feminine
    vuelta feminine
    tanda feminine Colombia Mexico
    this is my round esta tanda la pago yo Colombia Mexico
    • it's your round te toca a ti invitar
    • She distracted Annie from more questions by ordering around round of drinks for everyone.
    • We park ourselves at the bar and order another round of drinks.
    • After the revolution, newly hired workers no longer had to buy a round of drinks for their mates, and they no longer drank in honor of their bosses.
    • I'll even promise a round of drinks for the staff the next time I'm in London.
    • Buying a round of drinks can get pretty steep sometimes.
    • Betty walked over to give Jess and Phoebe their next round of drinks.
    • Whenever someone has money, they invite their friends to go out to a neighborhood bar for a round of drinks.
    • Another round of drinks and she was stumbling around with the rest of them.
    • After a few more rounds of drinks, I began to get lightheaded and figured I'd better stop drinking.
    • She can't go blabbing out secrets after the third round of drinks.
    • They called over the bartender and ordered a round of beers.
    • After a few rounds of the sugary drink, the girls got quite giggly and decided that what we really needed was a game of Truth or Dare.
    • He walked smoothly towards the bar to get another round of drinks.
    • Anyone joining a group of drinkers immediately buys a round of drinks for everyone at the table.
    • One group had gone through a couple of rounds of pints in the time that it had taken him to get served.
    • Hopefully, one of them will buy the first round of drinks.
    • We order a round of drinks and then I head out to the dance floor.
    • I went over to them and said, ‘I apologise’, and I bought them a round of drinks.
    • Though she wasn't drinking anything harder than mineral water, Isabelle took her turn in buying a round of drinks.
    • Andrew was at the bar, ordering a round of drinks for them all.
  • 6

    (shot) disparo masculine
    (bullet) bala feminine
    they fired ten rounds into the car dispararon diez veces sobre el coche
    • he only had two rounds of ammunition left solo le quedaban dos balas (or cartuchos etc.)
    • From a distance of about six feet, he aims the shotgun at Danny's side and fires off a round.
    • This was a large calibre assault rifle which could fire up to 1200 rounds per minute.
    • What impresses them is if I go out to my balcony in the middle of the night and fire off three rounds from my rifle.
    • We shot several rounds of high-explosive ammunition into the area.
    • My gun snapped up, and I squeezed off a quick burst of silenced rounds even before his gun was halfway up.
    • All the men were dressed in fatigues, and carried side arms and carried a number of rounds for the side arms as well as the rifles that they carried.
    • His father fired a few rounds into the plastic dummy.
    • You can even attempt to subdue a suspect by flashing your badge or firing a couple of rounds into the air in hopes of scaring the sucker into compliance.
    • I have been to a gun club and I have fired off rounds for kicks.
    • Then, suddenly, there is a different sound - the gut-churning crack of live rounds being fired.
    • So she angled the gun around the corner and fired several rounds before she heard the man go down.
    • In the initial 30 seconds I would say that a hundred rounds were fired at the crowd.
    • The pilot directs the vehicle, and the gunner has a full 360° control of the turret which can either fire machine gun rounds, or mortars.
    • The directional pad is used for zooming in on targets, and the trigger buttons fire rounds of ammunition.
    • The 8th Air Force had fired 99 million rounds of ammunition during these flights and it is thought that 20,000 German planes were destroyed.
    • In 1885, Maxim developed a single-barrel weapon that could fire 500 rounds of ammunition a minute.
    • Insurgents spotted the jam and launched three mortar rounds.
    • Three hand grenades, four revolvers, one rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition had been found.
    • The rate of fire for the gun was 250-300 rounds per minute.
    • Julie raised her gun and fired off a few rounds at the men above.
  • 7

    (cut of meat)
    • Nutrient composition data are available for four lean cuts of bison: rib-eye, clod, top round and top sirloin.
    • Take a round of fresh beef (or the half of one if it is very large) and remove the bone.
    • I would appreciate some information on how to cook an inside round of beef using a slow cook method.

    corte de carne del cuarto trasero

  • 8British

    (of bread)
    a round of toast un pan tostado Mexico
    • a round of sandwiches un sándwich
  • 9

    • 9.1Music

      canon masculine
      • We sang songs in rounds, back and forth with our own echoes.
      • Their older brothers and sisters performed the Jewish song Shalom Chaverim, sung as a round.
      • The same loop has been started at different times on each monitor, in the manner of a ceaseless musical round, or canon.
      • Its ancestry is in the madrigal, the round, the glee (which fostered numerous glee clubs), and the partsong.
      • The a cappella style of vocals that sit on top of each other is like listening to a band whose main musical influences are the playground rhymes and infant school rounds rather than actual songs.

    • 9.2also round dance

      danza que se baila en corro