• 1

    • 1.1(in a circle)

      we walked all the way round dimos toda la vuelta
      • they ran round and round dieron vueltas y vueltas corriendo
      • all year round durante todo el año

    • 1.2(so as to face in different direction)

      the wind veered round el viento cambió de dirección

    • 1.3(on all sides)

      everyone crowded round todo el mundo se apiñó alrededor
      • Filming with a mini camera quickly brought a good-natured crowd of local residents flocking round, proud of their remarkable monument.
      • The coffin was then carried into the yard by four men and everyone gathered round.
      • I found myself in the garden of the farm-house, an orchard in the centre and flowerbeds all round.
      • He reached out an arm and pulled her close to him, slipping back under the covers and wrapping them round them both.
      • Once the warm-up was finished, Mr. Christian told them to gather round in a circle while he passed out the names.

  • 2

    • 2.1(from one place, person to another)

      we went inside and had a look round entramos y echamos un vistazo
      • the curator took us round el conservador nos mostró / nos enseñó el museo (or la colección etc.)
      • a list was handed round se hizo circular una lista
      • I phoned round to find a cheaper flight hice unas cuantas llamadas tratando de encontrar un pasaje más barato
      • she prefers to travel round on her own prefiere viajar sola

    • 2.2(at, to different place)

      I expect she's round at Ed's supongo que estará en lo de Ed River Plate
      • we dashed round to the bank fuimos corriendo al banco
      • he brought his girlfriend round trajo a su novia
      • we're having friends round for a meal hemos invitado a unos amigos a comer

    • 2.3

      all round (in every respect) en todos los sentidos
      • their team was better all round su equipo era mejor en todos los sentidos
      • congratulations all round! ¡felicitaciones a todos!
      • he bought drinks all round compró bebidas para todos