Translation of roundabout in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈraʊndəbaʊt//ˈraʊndəˌbaʊt/



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    (in park)
    tiovivo masculine
    • The play park lies unused, the swings swing limply in the breeze, the raison d' être of the roundabout remains unfulfilled.
    • Considering the amount we're saving on the swings by doing it ourselves, we can afford to spend a little extra on the roundabouts.
    • She had cringed at the wheeze of the roundabout as it winded to a stop.
    • A couple of swings, a slide and two indentations in the ground where there used to be some roundabouts were all that was left.
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    rotonda feminine
    glorieta feminine
    óvalo masculine Peru
    • ‘More and more mysterious,’ Denise said, smiling, and took the exit from the roundabout for the motorway.
    • Some of the country's main thoroughfares converge at the busy Naas Road roundabout next to the Red Cow Inn.
    • There were 80 Gardai deployed at a roundabout on the Navan Road on Friday morning to move Travellers off the thoroughfare.
    • We find a small office space up three flights of dusty stairs in a building overlooking a big roundabout.
    • It is quite often difficult to determine who is at fault in relation to accidents which occur on roundabouts.
    • Its curve addresses the traffic roundabout that has replaced the urban square as the focus of civic life.
    • Their protest consisted of driving in convoy very slowly round and round the approach roundabouts to the Airport, thus creating massive traffic congestion and denying access to legitimate users.
    • Gearing down for corners, junctions and roundabouts starts off as a novel experience with the Sentronic, and quickly becomes efficient second nature.
    • Hussain said that 2,000 date palms and 15,000 coconut trees transported from the interior of Sindh had been planted along major roads and roundabouts in the city.
    • The park can also be reached from the M1 by taking the Santry road at the airport roundabout and passing through three sets of traffic lights.
    • By road it can take as little as one hour to reach the M50 roundabout on the N6, but from there traffic is very slow during peak hours.
    • Then he went round the roundabout, came back down the road and pulled in.
    • The only exception to the priority of trams is at the Red Cow roundabout where traffic lights will regulate all traffic, including the trams.
    • Always remember to look to your right, not left, mind the roundabouts and stay to your left.
    • He switched off the hazard lights, looked briefly over his shoulder and started up again, taking the right turn off the roundabout.
    • The British influence still can be seen in driving on the left side of the road, roundabouts, speed bumps, and school uniforms.
    • It would be very sensitive to the outlying area, with an entry point on either end of town that had roundabouts that would slow traffic.
    • When it's wet, great care is needed at roundabouts, as it's easy to get the back of this rear-wheel drive vehicle trying to overtake the front.
    • In Borken's messily vital urban context of supermarkets, small houses and traffic roundabouts, the bank's simple Euclidean form is a reassuringly calm, rooted presence.
    • Darcy had warned me in the note: Run like mad upon reaching the roundabout at Toll and Brooks.


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    (route) indirecto
    we came a rather roundabout way vinimos dando un rodeo
    • he said it in a very roundabout way lo dijo con muchos rodeos / circunloquios
    • She entered the lingerie shop, idly browsing and refusing assistance from a saleswoman, taking a roundabout route towards the target.
    • She was having such fun, so much that she all but forgot that Terel was following her on her roundabout joyride against the wind.
    • Where are the two of you taking me in some sort of roundabout way?
    • Well, that must be why we took the roundabout route tonight.
    • I had watched from the Citadel as the procession made its way on a roundabout route through the streets of Mainport.
    • She shook her head angrily but followed a roundabout route to Raban's shop.
    • Letters from relatives on the Continent became a rarity; those that did reach British shores had usually travelled a roundabout route via neutral nations.
    • Congestion may also be heavier on some routes into town, particularly on more direct roads, than on other routes, such as roundabout routes through neighborhood and city streets.
    • There was still a small chance they might be discovered - very small since they were taking a very roundabout route - but there was still that chance.
    • Anna checked out the window again just to make sure that they weren't taking some really roundabout route to the school.
    • I guess I took a roundabout route to it unconsciously.
    • She decided not to take the route through the village but to walk the roundabout way along the forest's edge in order to not having to see the horror any more.
    • I leave in the direction of the toilets but instead start making the roundabout way to Jeremy's room.
    • Taking the roundabout route means the train can stop at a dozen additional railway stations in Hubei Province.
    • Sara made for it in a roundabout way to give them a little time to prepare for her, trying to seem as non-threatening as possible.
    • My chief of staff selected this roundabout route to throw the news media off our trail.
    • As it was another pleasant, starlit evening, her hair hung loose to dry in the ocean-scented breeze and she took a roundabout route to the amphitheater.
    • I trudged down a roundabout route to the hut, my head down, a desperate desire to cry in my eyes.