Translation of routine in Spanish:


rutina, n.

Pronunciation /ruˈtin//ruːˈtiːn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(regular pattern)

      rutina feminine
      the daily routine el día a día
      • he soon settled into the office routine pronto se adaptó a la rutina de la oficina
      • as a matter of routine como rutina
      • it had become a matter of routine se había convertido en algo rutinario / de rutina
      • I followed the usual morning routine in a hazy daze; I showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed, etc.
      • Anne went back to her regular routine and worked until it grew dark outside.
      • There's a routine that we follow in the prison, day in day out, getting up for the bell and going to bed again when it sounds for the last time.
      • Almost as routine as brushing one's teeth, checking e-mail has worked its way into the daily routine of millions.
      • So the weeks passed, and my regular routines kept going, Rob just became a part of them.
      • Inside and outside the house the same routine was followed as in the previous year.
      • With insurers paying for even routine care, consumers lack incentives to shop for low-cost, high-value care.
      • I grabbed my stuff, then we headed to his locker, a routine we followed everyday.
      • They followed the same routine with other aspects of the project.
      • Although many said the regular routine of their lives was perfectly amiable, all agreed that just occasionally there needed to be great rejoicing of some kind.
      • Everything had shaken into place and everyone on the tour, bands and crew alike, had fixed routines to follow, which saved them from having to think too hard.
      • Organizations develop routines around the use of existing technologies, giving rise to a self-reinforcing cycle of stability.
      • Because they focus on adherence to routines, process management activities have the potential to affect an organization's technological innovations.
      • Parasoft's own developers follow a strict routine and are required to turn in their code for testing every night by 7.
      • And he also didn't follow his usual bedtime routine after his prayers.
      • You got your work done then, so that when the weekends came around, there would be no routines to follow or work to be done.
      • Each day, they followed a strict routine of work, ritual baths, and prayer.
      • The manager must be a hands-on line manager who has gone through the firm's work routines and processes, and knows first-hand the product, market, business environment, and industry.
      • In the evening after work Rebecca went about her normal routine of making supper for the children and then getting them ready for bed after television.
      • He developed a nightly routine of studying a few chapters by the light of the campfire.
      • But you had only to count the days to know that we were not there yet, that our regular routine would continue for another ten days or so.

    • 1.2(repetitive activity)

      rutina feminine
      the daily routine el día a día

  • 2

    • 2.1(of gymnast, skater, comedian)

      número masculine
      let's go through that routine again volvamos a ensayar ese número
      • Yet it's fun to hear the boogie-woogie and swing music of the period, which inspires Astaire to some great double-time tap routines.
      • It's essentially a series of vaudeville comedy routines.
      • He approaches Liliya and the two begin to dance their old routine.
      • You don't expect someone like that to be involved in dance routines, onstage, but he does it and pulls it off, and he's just brilliant.
      • Jackie believes that fight scenes are very similar to dance routines, because they stress the line of the human body.
      • She executed a rhythm tap dancing routine in the 1928 musical Cross My Heart which stopped the show cold every night.
      • His show Toujours L' Amour still sells out at the National Theatre in Bucharest after five years - Raluca had been to see it six times - and he is constantly developing new routines for new shows.
      • She wound up her dance routine with a wobbly pirouette and took a little bow.
      • They bowed slightly, the way they did at competitions, after their routines.
      • Middleton climaxed her routine by performing full splits.
      • Many of the performances show amazing dance routines, and songs that fit well into the context of the film.
      • The wonderful jazzy numbers set the scene for some truly amazing tap routines.
      • For Dinah, the never-ending tap dance routines and smile-this-is-comedy faces are becoming old hat.
      • The emphasis of dance team is on learning and performing choreographed routines rather than on the underlying technique.
      • The group works a played-out routine, but it does so in highly entertaining fashion.
      • Excerpts from their respective solo routines are incorporated, perhaps to keep the fans sweet.
      • Instead, it's best to ease back into your dance routine, increasing physical demands by five percent per week.
      • Kreviazuk's live shows are part concert, part comedy routine, part emotional rendering.
      • There is one unusual twist in the presentation though: Laurie performs with a DJ, who backs up her routines with minimalist dance music.
      • They're the Rockettes, world famous for their eye-high kicks and precise dance routines.

    • 2.2(formula, patter)

      don't give me that old routine no me vengas con la misma cantinela informal
      • the usual sales routine el típico discurso de vendedor

  • 3

    rutina feminine
    • Any modifications to the database required external support and complete reprogramming of routines to ensure data integrity across the three tables.
    • I was famed for my ability to press all the right buttons in the install routine by simply following the instructions and not freezing up like a rabbit in the headlights.
    • A simple program calls the crypt routine, runs the hash on a word and then compares it to the password entry in the file.
    • MPI provides many communication routines to aid the programmer in developing inter-process communication.
    • I created these menus and routines for both programs so that users need only be familiar with that menu to be productive in either one with minimal training.


  • 1

    (regular, usual)
    (procedure/investigation/inquiries) de rutina
    the prescription of tranquilizers became routine recetar calmantes se convirtió en algo habitual
  • 2

    (ordinary, dull)