Translation of rove in Spanish:


recorrer, v.

Pronunciation /rəʊv//roʊv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (area/town) recorrer
    (town/area) vagar por
    (area/town) errar por literary
    • He unsheathed his father's sword and held it in both hands, his eyes roving over the blade with the ancient runes and the ornately designed handle.
    • In each corner stood a burly guard, their eyes roving over the people materializing every few minutes from seven of the eight walls.
    • The blond man stopped in his tracks, locking his sword into a perfect defensive position, his pale eyes roving into the shadows, searching for the voice's source.
    • His just couldn't keep his eyes from looking out of the glass panels and roving over the plains, hoping for a sight of her.
    • She allowed her gaze to rove over the gentleman, in some odd mix of sizing him up, and curiosity at this stranger from another time.
    • An avid antiquer, Peggy loves to rove the nearby town of Essex for one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories.
    • Yet those eyes held nothing but want as they roved up and down him shamelessly.
    • His eyes roving around the room, searching for a way out of this mess.
    • Like the vast majority of people living in Mexico, he buys his music from one of the 12,000 street vendors who rove the country.
    • His previous rider was recently killed in combat, and the horse was found roving the battle site and brought here.
    • She watched his eyes rove quickly over her body, and she smiled at his look of surprise.
    • Inside, my gaze roved over the leather couches, the silken pillows sprawled carelessly all over the place.
    • Maybe you have never even been to the corporate headquarters, and you rove the globe packing a laptop that connects to your company's headquarters.
    • Geoffrey allowed his eyes to rove over her body, taking in her silver-blue eyes and long, curling blonde hair.
    • She smiled falsely at everyone around them, her eyes roving.
    • Ryan nodded gravely, his eyes roving over the guests.
    • His eyesight (now back and glitch-less) roved hungrily around the room.
    • From the haggard look, rag tag clothing and matted hair it was not difficult to identify her as the mad woman who roved the streets.
    • Their eyes roved back to the demolished Porsche and wondered what the owner of the car would do if he ever found out who did it.
    • The demon's gaze roved and stopped on me.
    • All eyes rove for something catchy at a handicrafts exhibition - for something utilitarian that will appeal to your aesthetic sense too.
    • Cora's pink eyes were roving over Dervek's bare chest approvingly.
    • When drunk they would rove the streets of London, molesting fair damsels and burning down buildings as a lark.
    • In the mid-1800s, they roved the streets of St. John's, sometimes attacking spectators or fighting with rival bands.
    • My eyes kept roving to the grandfather clock from time to time.
    • He continued to allow his gaze to rove over the gleaming blade, menacingly sharp, as well as its well-decorated hilt.
    • She began her job back in 1997, roving the badlands of Quebec and Ontario before heading out to British Columbia to take a position in the PR department.
    • While he spoke, I could see his curious eyes roving over us, trying to understand the unfamiliar sounds that reached his ears.
    • With all the armed bands of various factions roving the land these days, it was a miracle that they had made it back to the abbey.
    • The series was one of the first to rove the world, shooting its exteriors in such exotic locations as Madrid, Acapulco, Marrakesh, Rome, Tokyo, Mexico City and even Las Vegas.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (gaze/eyes) recorrer
    to rove over sth recorrer algo