Translation of royal blue in Spanish:

royal blue

azul real, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˌrɔɪ(ə)l ˈblu/


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    (invariable adjective) azul real


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    azul real masculine
    • The royal blue colour will be retained but the style of the kit will change.
    • The decor is striking: the walls are cherry-red, the armchairs royal blue.
    • Seventy-five of Ms. Simoni's now more than 200 frames gleam against royal-blue walls at the Pensacola Museum of Art.
    • I am wearing my school uniform of royal blue edged with silver and a lily shaped badge on the jacket to represent my school.
    • In royal blue velvet mini bloomers she looked anything but bland.
    • Argento loves the juxtaposition of color upon color, of light with deepest darks and blood red on royal blue.
    • She wore two flannel shirts, the outer one royal-blue with black checkered squares and pearled snaps down the front.
    • Interviewees were then measured for uniforms - royal blue with red braiding and brass buttons.
    • His room was done up in the beautiful colors of royal blue and purple.
    • Serge's office has light blue wallpaper with wall-to-wall royal blue carpeting.
    • He was clothed in a crimson red beret, royal blue tunic, scarlet red cloak, and light blue pants.
    • The sky changes from royal blue to the deepest red, the smell of sweet lemon trees wafts through the air as the geckos start to scrabble around on the stony ground.
    • I was still wearing the same royal blue sweatshirt and gray casual pants.
    • Adorning the deep royal-blue rug were stars marking out the constellations.
    • Sabrina commented on Debbie's gown, a flattering royal-blue number of mid-calf-length with a center section and sleeves of ivory brocade and illusion lace.
    • The boys, trying hard to look cool despite the heat, are mostly in jeans and T-shirts, though a few wear smart royal blue tunics.
    • For some reason, it worked a lot better when they reversed the colour scheme - royal blue with yellow details.
    • She would look best in sharp, bright colors such as royal blue, vibrant purple and flaming red.
    • The dress was royal blue with a diagonal slash of diamantés.
    • Typically your eye will gravitate towards the darker, brighter colors such as burgundy red or royal blue.