Translation of royalist in Spanish:


monárquico, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈrɔɪəlɪst//ˈrɔɪələst/


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    monárquico masculine
    monárquica feminine
    • But while the poll may serve as a wake up call for royalists in Scotland, the Conservative Party insisted there is still strong support for the monarchy and much to commend it.
    • The royalists believe the monarch is a national icon.
    • Even ardent royalists may soon begin to feel that their idols are unworthy of either respect or affection.
    • It's at times like this that I'm jolly glad that we are still royalists in this country.
    • Unable to present a viable alternative, the royalists were outmanoeuvred, sidelined and, in 1998, defeated.
    • But it really was not until 1824 that the royalists were defeated and Spanish power in the whole continent was finally overthrown.
    • In the wake of the crisis, relations between Victor Emanuel II and the Church hierarchy deteriorated, while a permanent split developed on the far right between royalists and clerics.
    • The poll - the first major study of Scottish attitudes to the monarchy for two years - is particularly disappointing for royalists because it was conducted during the Queen's high-profile visit to Scotland last week.
    • The king's abdication and replacement by his son is unlikely to usher in major changes in Cambodia unless the former king decides to jump into the political arena, political analysts and royalists say.
    • The golden jubilee had been looked forward to with relish by royalists and pooh-poohed by metropolitan media pundits.
    • However, Charles X replaced him in 1829 with a new ministry containing some of the most unpopular royalists in France, led by the prince of Polignac.
    • The crowd of royalists and the curious cheered as Prince Charles unveiled a plaque marking his visit.
    • It has been suggested that such jewelry was made for royalists celebrating the restoration of the French monarchy in 1815.
    • The problem with saying that you don't support the Royal Family is that royalists always blow the dust off the same old riposte.
    • Bismarck had long believed that the lower classes were better royalists than the middle classes.
    • Louis-Napoleon was also supported by royalists, who had been seething in impotence since February and imagined that they could use him as a bridge to the restoration of the monarchy.
    • As a Liberal, Adelard Godbout was a supporter of Mackenzie King, the prime minister of Canada, and a royalist in sympathy with the British cause.
    • The coalition between Communists and royalists continued, however, and the ensuing political stabilization was helped by the surrender of the last Khmer Rouge units in 1999.
    • Swinney further angered royalists and political opponents by suggesting that this month's golden jubilee celebrations were ‘over the top’.
    • The royalists will argue that the royal palaces, grounds and pageantry bring in millions of pounds in tourism and I will not argue with that.


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