Translation of rub in Spanish:


frotar, v.

Pronunciation /rəb//rʌb/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with hand, finger)
    (firmly) restregar
    (firmly) refregar
    (massage) masajear
    (massage) friccionar
    she rubbed the glass clean frotó el cristal hasta que quedó limpio
    • don't rub your eye! no te restriegues / refriegues el ojo
    • rub the oil into your skin frótese (la piel) / hágase fricciones con el aceite
    • rub the cream on your skin aplíquese frotando la crema en la piel
    • rub the fat into the flour mezclar la grasa y la harina con los dedos
    • rub your hair dry with this towel sécate el pelo con esta toalla
    • Jennifer yelped, wrenched her arm away, and rubbed her shoulder.
    • He put one hand to his chin and rubbed the thumb and forefinger back and forth along his jawline, stroking an absent beard.
    • He wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back, trying to calm her.
    • It is important not to just rub the skin over the area but to apply firm downward pressure with the thumb, knuckle or elbow.
    • Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Mark rubbed his hand over his face and stretched his legs.
    • He touched my cheek with his hand, rubbing his thumb over my cheek.
    • Jake sat back in the middle of the seat, rubbing a hand across his forehead.
    • She rubbed the towel over his knee, applying a faint pressure, which took his mind off the pain.
    • Jerry Davis shook his head with a grim set to his firm jaw, rubbing the back of his neck with his large, callused hand.
    • Andrew wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her back and shoulder.
    • I smirked and stood up after stretching my arms and rubbing my eyes.
    • I pick up the photo and put an arm around Anders, rubbing his back.
    • She moved closer to him and put her arms on his, rubbing them slightly.
    • Rose winced as she flexed her arm and rubbed the spot where Darryl had grabbed her.
    • Daniel took a deep breath, and shook his head a little, rubbing a hand over his eyes.
    • He reached out to rub his hand across the curly hair she kept cropped short.
    • Timothy rubbed his left hand on the armband on his right arm.
    • She found herself twirling her brown hair around her fingertips and rubbing the toe of her shoe on the floor.
    • I put both elbows on the glossy table surface, rubbed my temples, and shut my eyes.
    • Lee was able to turn around and wrap his arms around her waist rubbing her back.
    • I slowly put my arms around him and rubbed his back lightly.
    • Maggie warmed him as he had her, rubbing his back and arms.
    • Julia has her arms crossed and she rubs them, obviously cold.
    • The big cat purred happily in my arms, rubbing her head against my shirt.
    • I rubbed my cold hands over my goosebump-ridden legs and looked up.
    • The girl rubbed her temple, trying to alleviate pressure there.
    • I resisted the urge to pull her back into my arms and settled for rubbing her shoulder.
    • I shrugged a little before reaching up, rubbing my hand against the back of my neck.
    • Once the needle was removed and a band-aid placed over the puncture, Ray snatched his arm away and rubbed the spot agitatedly.
    • She wrapped her arms around herself, rubbing her sides.
    • She moved away from the wall and rubbed a hand over her face.
    • He disappeared into the house, and I began warming my arms by rubbing them.
    • She swallowed hard and moved, rubbing the cloth over a greasy part of the counter yet to be attended to in her study.
    • He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back to comfort me.
  • 2

    (clean, polish)
    she rubbed the silver until it shone frotó la plata hasta que quedó reluciente
    • Usually the insecticide lotion should be rubbed onto your, or your child's, scalp and hair and left for a minimum of 12 hours before you wash it out.
    • At the time, a cream like substance was being rubbed onto my scalp.
    • Sarah smiled as she opened a little bottle of lotion and rubbed some on her wrist.
    • After your shower/bath get some baby powder or scented lotion and rub it all over your body.
    • Another reader experienced a severe skin reaction after rubbing catnip on her arms.
    • I could smell the sweet polish that had been rubbed deep into the grain.
    • The ointment must be rubbed into the area, not just applied superficially.
    • She had different ointments to rub on and disinfectants to wash out cuts.
    • To remove rust marks from old linen, rub in a mixture of lemon juice and salt and leave for 2-3 hours in the sun.
    • She dipped her fingers into the tub, and began to rub something onto Claire's belly.
    • He went over to the first aid kit and got some ointment to rub onto Juliet's wounds.
    • She just laughed and handed me some ointment that I rubbed on and, as I write this, I'm still hobbling around the office.
    • If babies are teething, rub peppermint oil or aloe vera gel on the gums, or give them a teaspoon of the chamomile/ginger tea brew as needed.
    • Robin usually mixes citronella, tea-tree oil or eucalyptus oils with a base oil and rubs it on her exposed skin.
    • Ask your chemist about sugar-free teething gel or powder which can be rubbed on your baby's gums.
    • Afterwards, I wouldn't let her dry me off, but she insisted on rubbing oils into my skin.
    • Next, a mixture of fine sea salt, cocoa, vitamin C and Chocolate Body Syrup is rubbed into the skin.
    • Many women get relief with the hormonal creams that are rubbed on the skin, but they haven't been studied as extensively for risks.
    • Wipe the foliage clean, if necessary, and if you wish, rub a little vegetable oil on the leaves to heighten the gloss.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to rub against/on sth
    • these shoes rub against / on my heels estos zapatos me rozan los talones
    • the cat rubbed against my legs el gato se me restregó contra las piernas


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      he gave his knee a good rub se frotó bien la rodilla
      • give your hair a quick rub sécate un poco el pelo con la toalla
      • give my feet a rub masajéame los pies

    • 1.2(polish)

      give it a rub to make it shine frótalo (con un paño) para sacarle brillo

  • 2

    the rub el problema
    • there's the rub esa es la cuestión