Translation of rubber band in Spanish:

rubber band

goma (elástica), n.


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    goma (elástica) feminine
    gomita feminine River Plate
    banda elástica feminine Venezuela
    elástico masculine Chile
    caucho masculine Colombia
    liga feminine Mexico
    • I picked it up, took off the rubber band that held it together, and began to thumb through it.
    • When his back was turned, she pulled out a paper clip and a rubber band, took careful aim, and fired.
    • Mia took a rubber band from her pocket, using it to tie her hair up.
    • Each of the 3,000 jars has a cellophane cover secured by a rubber band.
    • Once the resistance is no longer sufficient, switch to a smaller rubber band.
    • The process is complex, for the yarn has to be dyed as many times by tying a rubber band around areas that ought to resist the dye.
    • Many people bend them over and slip a rubber band over them, or in the case of bulbs like Daffodils tie them with one of the long leaves.
    • Walker loosened the rubber band and fanned the bills in front of him.
    • For starters, try stretching a little piece of nylon stocking across the lens and hold it onto the lens barrel with a rubber band.
    • She put six stems in each, added a little extra water to the bag and sealed it with a rubber band.
    • Holding the vine in place, he gently stretched a wide rubber band over the pins as shown in the illustration.
    • Less than three months later, a woman found a blue rubber band in some vegetable pakoras she had bought from a store in Saltaire.
    • Stretch it over the lens and tie it on with a rubber band.
    • The idea is to create resistance between the hips and shoulders so there is a lot of tautness, like a stretched rubber band.
    • There was no special ribbon or tissue paper wrapped lovingly around them, just an ugly rubber band.
    • He carried a wooden cane that was splintered at the handle so he had a rubber band to keep it together.
    • Jamie was playing with a rubber band, stretching it between his long fingers.
    • Remove leaves from the stems, gather stems in bunches, and secure each bundle with a rubber band.
    • The wooden car works with the simple technology of a wide rubber band.
    • Drain blood from the finger and apply a tourniquet using a rubber band at the base of the affected digit.