Translation of rubber stamp in Spanish:

rubber stamp

sello, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈrəbər stæmp/


  • 1

    sello masculine
    tampón masculine
    • Stencil rollers have a raised pattern on a hard rubber roller, similar to a rubber stamp.
    • Be warned: as a mold is put under heat and pressure every time a rubber stamp is created, it may only last for 40-60 stamp vulcanizations.
    • With a woodcut, as with the modern lino-cut, it's much harder: the artist has to use a chisel to gouge and carve away the wood on each side of the line, which stands up from the base of the woodcut like the letters on a rubber stamp.
    • At Ben-Gurion, all passengers who have completed luggage check-in pass through gates leading up to passport control, where they are cleared with a rubber stamp in their passport after a brief computer check.
    • Harland reaches for a rubber stamp at the corner of his desk.
    • A facsimile signature imprinted by means of a rubber stamp can be just as thoughtfully executed by a person as can a mark.
    • There's a distinctly retro look to this space; '80s style phones alongside a big pile of papers receiving the imprint of a rubber stamp.
    • The image created is a reverse of the relief, just like the print from a rubber stamp.
    • The prison chaplain walked up to me and asked for my hand, on which he placed a rubber stamp.
    • Use a rubber stamp to ink the image repeatedly onto white cardstock; cut images out.
    • Using the box or linoleum cutter, carve away the non-inked areas of the eraser; this will create a rubber stamp out of the raised surfaces.
    • The result looks like an imprint from a branding iron or rubber stamp and initially will be stuck over the old name to reinforce its meaning, and the fact that it is only a change of image.
    • Some of the false claims were made with false signatures of patients, while others saw him use a rubber stamp on forms that should have been signed.
    • Notice how much finer detail you get from the laser cut in the clay on the left as opposed to the rubber stamp embossed into the clay on the right!
  • 2

    visto bueno masculine
    it got / was given the rubber stamp le dieron el visto bueno
    • the Assembly was merely a rubber stamp for his policies la Asamblea no tenía otra función que la de refrendar sus políticas
    • It is a rubber stamp for continued dictatorship and terrorism.
    • It was a complete rubber stamp with no acknowledgement of our case.
    • The rubber stamp comes despite continued concerns over the plan's inclusion of a spur with railway lines leading into the Town Beach bay.
    • Faced with a review that would need to be more than a rubber stamp, the government seems to have mounted a diplomatic and media effort aimed at discrediting its own tribunal.
    • A lot of parents look to accreditation as a rubber stamp of a school's pedigree.
    • The long-term future of this funding is not guaranteed and the existing state aid package is still awaiting a rubber stamp from Brussels.
    • Why not just give it a rubber stamp and move ahead?
    • Critics said the procedure amounted to little more than a rubber stamp.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (paper/invoice) sellar
  • 2

    (decision/application/proposal) autorizar