Translation of ructions in Spanish:


jaleo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrʌkʃ(ə)nz//ˈrəkʃ(ə)nz/

plural noun


  • 1

    jaleo masculine informal
    follón masculine Spain informal
    there'll be ructions se va a armar un jaleo informal
    • don't cause ructions no armes jaleo
    • This is far from the first occasion that stories have emanated from the midland county about internal ructions.
    • This would mean ructions in the family, whose shaky economic viability depended on your starting work the day after your 14th birthday.
    • Not surprisingly, this arrangement makes for its fair share of ructions.
    • As a millionaire's funeral is brought forward to avoid possible family ructions, his widow speaks of 27 years of love they shared
    • Whoever's to blame, it caused ructions back home.
    • Eager to prevent the family ruction he knows this will bring about, Ray makes a beeline over to his parents' house to try to intercept the letter.
    • The resulting gap between expectation and reality has already caused ructions in the town hall budget.
    • My illness could easily have caused a ruction in the marriage as I just didn't want to know anyone.
    • After the ructions of recent days, he is unlikely to rise from the backbenches again.
    • There were ructions when I presented myself at the reception.
    • It's no surprise then that the early years of the industry saw constant and dizzying internal ructions including litigation, company takeovers, infringed patents and arguments over formats, equipment and materials.
    • Her mum Joy, from Bramley, said Carolynne's membership of the team's dance troupe did cause some family ructions.
    • Other ructions have appeared within sections of the Fijian elite.
    • There have been reports of ructions in the national team.
    • I've adjusted my yoga routine to night times so that I'm doing something constructive when my neighbours are causing the most ructions.
    • Those in dispute have gone to great lengths to get the people of Newcastle behind them while at the same time keeping mum about the cause of the ruction.
    • Honesty about performance and worth would cause ructions that National can do without.
    • Steve's new mechanic mate causes ructions in the Lewis household - not least with wayward teenager Hannah.
    • The media requirements in Ireland are not quite as sophisticated as Australia, but it certainly did cause some ructions in the TV industry, no question.
    • You have to go back to the 1960s and de Gaulle, or to ructions over cruise and Pershing missiles in the 1980s, to find comparable crises.